VIDEO: Marine energy can help beat rising gas prices

By John Parnell

Marine energy offers better value for money in the long-term than alternatives such as nuclear power and can help lower fuel bills, according to an executive from a wave energy technology developer.

Neil Davidson, public affairs manager at Aquamarine Power told RTCC that while government’s had been very supportive of the fledgling industry, taxpayers needn’t worry as the sums spent paled when compared to nuclear power.

Davidson also said that emerging marine technologies had a part to play in diversifying sources of energy in the UK and so helping to lower fuel bills.

“The best prospect for people’s domestic fuel bills is to have an energy mix that is diverse so that we are not subject to high price increases that rise with the price of wholesale gas. That’s what’s driving up bills, not renewables,” Davidson said.

Davidson was speaking at the RenewableUK Wave and Tidal Conference in Edinburgh last week.

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