Podcast: How does the Clean Development Mechanism benefit Africa?

The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is one of three market-based instruments introduced under the Kyoto Protocol, to enable states to reduce their emissions.

It is aimed at helping Annex-1 countries meet their emissions targets and developing countries achieve sustainable development.

In the second of a series of UNFCCC CDM Radio Club reports that RTCC is hosting, the UNFCCC’s Irini Roumboglou takes a closer look at the CDM.

In this broadcast she is joined by representatives from government agencies,  project developers and African negotiators involved in the process.

CDM projects can provide opportunities for sustainable development, create employment, improve air quality and transfer technology for the region.

They also allow countries to earn credits that are tradable and saleable.

The UNFCCC Radio Club aims to spread the word about the CDM in Africa and extend the benefits of the mechanism to communities that have not yet benefited from the scheme.

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