Climate Week’s Kevin Steele: Present climate action as an opportunity

The chief of Britain’s biggest climate change campaign says the transition to a low-carbon economy can only be achieved if it is presented as a chance to stimulate economic growth.

Speaking to RTCC, Climate Week boss Kevin Steele said it was time to present the benefits of action to cut emissions, as opposed to simply warning of the consequences if targets were not reached.

“The emphasis over the past few years has been focusing on the problem, which has generated a huge amount of awareness – but now it’s time to look at the solutions, which is what Climate Week is about,” he said.

“There is a tremendous appetite in communities and business across the UK to take action and combat climate change.

“Having hundreds of thousands of people across the UK attending events, and having over 1000 pieces of media coverage is partly about creating the space that enables people in those leadership positions to push the envelope in terms of what they do.”

Climate Week is Britain’s biggest climate change campaign, running from Monday 12 to Sunday 18 March.

The aim is to highlight practical solutions across the UK to environmental degradation and rising levels of carbon emissions, the cause of climate change.

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