Climate Week chief aims to inspire generation of green leaders in UK

By Ed King

Leadership is required at all levels of society if the UK is to develop an effective green economy, according to the CEO of Britain’s biggest climate change campaign, Climate Week.

Speaking to RTCC for an interview that will be broadcast in full next Monday, the first day of Climate Week 2012, Kevin Steele said leadership was the ‘single most important concept’ for his campaign.

“It takes quite an effort to do things in a new or different way, and the things that make us change at work or at home is when someone says ‘it doesn’t have to be this way’, and demonstrates how that can happen,” he said.

“History is not an inexorable linear process where one piece of progress follows another. We shape our own destiny – and that’s all about leadership.”

Listen to the full interview with Kevin Steele on Monday morning. Climate Week runs from March 12-18.

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