Podcast: Impact of 2007 floods in Uganda

Emmanuel Okella, news editor/environmental journalist at Radio Simba-Uganda.

In 2007 heavy rainfall led to severe flooding in eastern and northern parts of Uganda, affecting nearly 400,000 people.

In the first of a series of UNFCCC CDM Radio Club reports that RTCC will be hosting, Emmanuel Okella, news editor at Radio Simba-Uganda, discusses the impact the floods had on his country.

Many homes built with mud bricks were washed away, while two-thirds of all families lost nearly 90% of their crops.

Globally analysis suggests that increased incidences of flooding are likely to become more common as a result of climate change – although there are other key contributing factors, including deforestation and desertification.

Okella explains how recent reforestation and sustainable development efforts implemented to prevent future floods are taking shape.

These efforts could be a good model for future Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects in the country.

This broadcast won the first prize in the 2011 UNFCCC/CDM African Radio Contest.

The radio club aims to spread the word about the CDM in Africa and extend the benefits of the mechanism to communities that have not yet benefited from the scheme.

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