Livingstone vows to provide Londoners with low-cost, low-carbon energy

By John Parnell

Ken Livingstone will offer Londoners the chance to buy their electricity from an energy co-operative if elected. (Source: WEF)

Londoners will be able to purchase low-cost electricity from an energy co-operative, according to Ken Livingstone.

Writing for RTCC, the former Mayor of London, who is standing as Labour’s candidate in the Mayoral election on May 3, made a series of pledges on energy and the environment.

“My new London Energy Co-operative will purchase energy on the wholesale markets, giving Londoners a cheaper alternative to rip-off energy suppliers,” Livingstone will say.

“It will source as much of its energy as possible from low carbon sources, including investing in new renewable energy itself.”

If elected, Livingstone says he would call an Energy Summit to secure the city’s share of a £1.3bn pot of funding for energy efficiency measures.

Livingstone also says he will look to encourage Londoners back onto public transport by trimming money of fare prices and indicated that he is opposed to a new airport in the Thames Estuary.

The full article will be published on Wednesday, March 7, as part of RTCC’s London Week.

All four leading candidates have been invited to submit their vision for a greener London. You can read Green Party nominee Jenny Jones’ article here.

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