Oscars weekend: Five green movies not to miss…and one you should

By John Parnell

To mark the Academy Awards on Sunday night, RTCC looks at some of the best environmental films on offer…and one not so good.

We’ll run through five excellent documentaries and one fictional guilty pleasure…

First up, If a tree falls: A story of the earth liberation front. Our first entry is nominated for Best Documentary at this year’s Aacdemy Awards and tells the story of one environmental groups shift from non-violence to a campaign of property destruction.

A previous environmental documentary to win the Oscar is up next. The Cove proved that the subject can do well with critics and audiences alike.

Tarmaggedon is especially timely given the level of debate over Canada’s tar sands oil…

In transition 2.0 is a look at the increasingly popular Transition movement from communities printing their own currencies to local energy projects, all triggered by what started as a social experiment.

Blue Gold offers a reminder that while there is so much focus on CO2 emissions and biodiverse forestry, our water resources are the subject of huge pressures at a time of increasing population.

And finally…a cinematic climate change guilty pleasure. It is big, but its not clever. Global warming gets the full Hollywood treatment…

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