LIVE: YOUNGO mock climate trial at COP17

RTCC will be live streaming a mock “Human Rights Climate Tribunal” on behalf of the COP17 YOUNGO today at 1540 (1340 GMT)

The event will include three front-line witnesses of climate change – Kandi Mosset from the Indigenous Environment Network, Samoan Climate Change advocate Simon Matafai and South African Youth leader Sally Makofane.

They will relate their own experiences of the human impacts of climate change currently felt in vulnerable communities around the world.

Kandi, Simon and Sally will testify against the climate villains BPP (Big Polluters and Petroleum) and the UmmBrella Group of procrastinating and polluting nations.

The results of this tribunal will be decided by an interactive audience who will double as our jury to decide the fate of our climate change villains and issue out their judgement.

YOUNGO hope the event will highlight the truth of not only future, but current real life stories of Human Rights abuses that are direct results of climate change.

You can access the live stream from the RTCC homepage.


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