Day 4 – Breaking news from COP17

By Ed King
RTCC in Durban

I’ll leave out the hot and humid in Durban line – it’s getting a bit old. But in case you’re wondering – yes it is.

I went to bed last night with three inch cockroach, although as the hotel owner cheerfully told me, apparently they are the cleanest insects in the world.

There are more pressing matters in hand. That said, working one’s way through the maze of reports, press releases, accusations and counter accusations of rival delegations can be a mystery.

Like most summits the first few days are spent assessing opponents weaknesses and strengths, and working on building alliances ahead of next week’s high-level talks.

Wednesday’s headlines:

– USA and Venezuela form unlikely alliance in blocking progress on Green Climate Fund
– EU holds firm over plans to make airlines pay for emissions despite global opposition
– Extension to Kyoto still unclear – some blocs (BASIC) are keen to see Kyoto continue, others such as Japan and Russia keen for a new deal. Canada and the USA do not seem to be keen on either!

More on this when we get it. Today @rtcc_john will be hunting delegates and building a picture of negotiating positions. @rtcc_tierney is just finishing off her piece on last night’s children’s musical – check it out when you can!

And @rtcc_edk will be manning the #UNFCCC Climate Change TV Studio interviewing all and sundry….you can find these interviews on our dedicated TV channel.

Our webcast will be live at 1030GMT, 1230 SA time – Daniel Schweimler will host today’s show. More on that shortly.

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