Day 2: Breaking News from COP17

By John Parnell
RTCC in Durban

Welcome to RTCC’s live coverage from Durban. They were handing out free umbrellas yesterday. Today the storm’s have subsided and the sun is shining a hot spotlight on the conference centre. Fittingly, they’re handing out fans today.

The sessions are already under way and its time to see if the change in weather will be reflected in the mood inside the negotiations.

Yesterday we learned that Canada was planning to drop out of the Kyoto Protocol all together. Sticking with Canada, it was also revealed that the UK government could be working to help bring tar sands oil to Europe, contrary to the EU’s commitment of dropping the carbon intensity of its fuel supply by 6%.

In Durban yesterday we heard African leaders call for more action and funding from developed nations with South African President Jacob Zuma describing climate change as a “matter of life and death” for Africa.

Meanwhile Oxfam released their COP17 briefing aimed at drawing attention to the effects of climate change on food security.

All of the above will be on the agenda as the talks continue today. The number of additional issues up for discussion is sure to guarantee good trade for coffee vendors.

I’ll be exploring the conference site and providing a mini-photo tour on @rtcc_john as well as digging into the policy positions of some of the big players.

Follow @rtcc_tierney to learn more about what the major NGO groups are up to on site.

Back at the UNFCCC Climate Change Studio, @rtcc_edk will be talking to COP16 president and Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Patricia Espinosa.

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