Trump complains US share of climate finance is unfair

Donald Trump suggests China, India, Russia should pay more into the UN-backed Green Climate Fund

EU must stop trying to dictate Africa’s clean energy future

Strong-arm tactics by the European Commission and France to bypass African leadership are unacceptable, writes Mohamed Adow

EU, France accused of hijacking ‘Africa-led’ clean energy scheme

African head of $10bn programme quits, saying French environment minister Ségolène Royal intervened to impose EU-preferred projects

UK foreign office cut climate staff in half under Tory government

Labour says the 46% reduction in foreign office climate jobs since it was in power is “staggering” and a sign the government is not serious about the issue

Groundwater recharge offers hope to drought-hit Indian farmers

In Odisha, where late monsoons mean crop failures, poverty and even suicide, a novel scheme aims to boost water access

Fund considering Adani coal mine loan ‘obsessed with secrecy’

Experts say $5bn Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility’s repeated rejection of requests for information on Adani coal project loan has no basis in law

UK set for first coal-free work day since pre-industrial times

Britain is expected to be coal-free on Friday, reports National Grid, as the power sector shifts to cleaner sources of supply

Energy efficiency becomes breakthrough issue in French election

All five leading candidates in France’s presidential election have made prominent energy efficiency pledges, now UK Labour have followed suit



The seven men who will decide US role in Paris climate deal

Donald Trump’s most powerful advisors are set to debate whether the US stays in the UN climate pact. Here’s what we know about their positions

EPA boss: US should exit Paris climate agreement

“It’s a bad deal for America,” said Scott Pruitt, adding he had told counterparts in Germany and Canada that he would not risk the US economy to comply with Paris

G7 fails to agree Paris climate statement as US turns spoiler

All G7 nations, except the US, expressed support for the Paris climate accord, but the Trump administration did back an end to fossil fuel subsidies

GOP climate rebels emerge from the shadows

Seventeen Republican House members have broken with their president and publicly urged Congress to act on climate change. More are expected to join them

UN climate chief bites tongue after Trump de-funding threat

As Congress mulls cutting the US’ €4 million annual contribution to climate talks, top official Patricia Espinosa is “watching these developments with interest”

An open letter from Bangladesh to the American people

President Trump is failing to keep you safe, writes Saleemul Huq; Bangladesh can offer lessons in adapting to the impacts of climate change

This is China’s strongest statement yet on climate action

As President Trump rolls back climate policies and finance, China’s UN representative makes a detailed pitch for global leadership

Executive disorder: Trump’s climate policies bid goodbye to reality

Despite the rhetoric, US president Donald Trump’s irrational climate order will fail to benefit the miners he has championed



China’s plan to cut shipping emissions

With pollution from shipping killing 18,000 Chinese every year, the government is cracking down on the use of dangerous fuels in port

Have Chinese CO2 emissions really peaked?

We are really bad at predicting Chinese emissions. Why do we think we know what happens next?

Melting Arctic worsens Beijing’s pollution haze, study finds

Changing weather patterns make winter smog around China’s capital more likely, scientists warn, despite efforts to tackle air pollution at source

China floats split with EU over carbon trading

EXCLUSIVE: Government official tells Climate Home that carbon trading is “big challenge” for China: “We would like to use a different kind of economic instrument”

Weekly wrap: Will China turn its back on coal?

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Lessons from London’s 1952 fog could save millions today

Air pollution is one of the world’s biggest killers. Peter Thorsheim looks back at the resistance, disinformation and solutions that emerged from the London fog

China coal use fell again in 2016, solar capacity rose 82%

Massive investments in clean energy and economic shifts continue to dampen demand for coal in the world’s largest carbon emitter

EU and China can outflank Trump on climate change

The time is ripe for Brussels and Beijing to step up their relationship as US climate diplomacy dwindles, write Maeve McLynn and Li Shuo



Supreme Court loss creates new problem for Adani’s Australian mine

Indian ruling means Adani will be unable to manipulate price of coal overseas then seek escalations in cost of power back home

Indian power minister celebrates record low solar price

French company breaks new ground in affordable solar, but Piyush Goyal tells parliament coal will “remain our mainstay”

Mumbai highway project threatens new air pollution crisis

Sea breezes have protected Mumbai from air pollution, but a new coastal road will send exhaust fumes from 200,000 cars each day drifting across the city

Indian court awards legal rights of a person to entire ecosystem

An Indian state has awarded full legal status to an entire ecosystem. But can such a right be protected?

Indian oil majors prepare for electric vehicle boom

As India aims to go to 100% EVs by 2030, oil producers are considering investment in lithium-ion battery production

Saudis make Maldives land grab to secure oil routes to China

Proposed multi-billion dollar deal sparks protests in the tiny atoll nation, which has found itself at the centre of a great game over oil, power and religion

India subsidises electricity for the rich while millions lack access

While over 20% of India’s population has no access to electricity, the richest 40% of the population gets highly subsidised power

India may never need another coal plant: TERI

Power stations running or under construction will meet demand up to 2026, say analysts, by which point renewables can start to compete on cost



EU should block Nord Stream 2 on climate grounds

Planned gas pipeline from Russia undermines long-term EU energy security and climate goals, writes Marcin Stoczkiewicz

Balkans are gambling on coal as EU utilities opt out

Eurelectric members have pledged to build no new coal power stations from 2020. So why do firms in Serbia and Bosnia still think they can make coal pay?

Azerbaijan president: gas pipeline to EU will not be stopped

Environmental protests against the $46bn Southern Gas Corridor are baseless, says Ilham Aliyev, who expects to begin exporting gas through the pipeline by 2018

Indonesia calls EU palm oil fuel ban ‘discriminatory’, ‘protectionist’

Indonesia’s foreign ministry has slammed the EU’s proposed ban on palm oil in biofuels

Dutch coal plant lost €800m in value last year

Power stations opened in 2015 are losing value fast, amid falling EU electricity demand and surging renewable generation

UK is in no position to lecture Saudis on oil dependence

PM Theresa May has offered to help wean Saudi Arabia off oil, but her government’s subsidies to North Sea producers are a poor model for the Middle East petrostate

German coal plants burn on as EU carbon price stagnates

EU emissions trading data show €5 a tonne of carbon dioxide is not enough to drive dirty brown coal off the system

Brexit turmoil means UK government must lead on climate

Investors will be needed to shift hundreds of billions of pounds if the UK is to meet its climate goals. But they need clarity from a pre-occupied government



‘We are praying it rains soon’ – Nairobi on severe water rations

Some districts are receiving just 12 hours of water each week as drought hits the Kenyan capital – home to more than 3 million people

Boko Haram terrorists thriving on climate crisis: report

As chronic water shortages create instability and violence around Lake Chad, researchers warn climate change feeds terror

Green Climate Fund ‘a laughing stock’, say poor countries

It was hydropower dams in, community drought readiness out, amid rich-poor tensions at the UN’s flagship climate finance scheme

The frontline of the dirty air crisis, where no-one keeps a record

Beside Nairobi’s notorious Kariokor roundabout, Climate Home finds an unmonitored health catastrophe

Kenyan Met Office predicts rains to fail sparking crisis worse than 2011

Study released on Thursday shows a 2016 drought was made worse by climate change – but with March rains predicted to fail, the Met Office has warned of worse to come

Unfinished business: Coal miners across South Africa walk away from clean up

Documents obtained by Climate Home reveal a growing crisis as big miners and government shift liability to small companies who cannot afford coal mine clean up

Trump’s ban: ‘I want to study in US to save my country from climate change’

The only way to defend Sudan against the conflict and starvation of climate change is through education. Trump’s ban cuts us off from that, writes Lina Yassin

Mozambique expands coal port lapped by rising seas

Dignitaries celebrate the expansion of Maputo port, but experts warn fossil fuelled climate change threatens development gains


South America

Brazilian MPs bid to cut protections for one million hectares of forest

As deforestation spirals out of control, bills to be voted on by Congress would roll back protections on area of forest the size of Jamaica

After floods, Peru has an opportunity to rebuild smarter

Facing an enormous clean-up job, Peru must think about a future where flood like those in March become ever more common

Brazil halves environment budget amid rising Amazon deforestation

In a bid to contain a growing budget deficit, the government has slashed the funding to enforce forest protection laws

Troubled meatpacker JBS sanctioned over Amazon deforestation

World’s biggest meat producer slapped with sanctions by Brazil’s environment agency after cattle were traced to illegally cleared rainforest areas

Brazilian Amazon to ditch diesel for clean energy

Bids have been invited for a renewable power auction in May, to wean the Amazonas region off reliance on fuel imports

“Beef caucus” takes over indigenous policies in Brazil

Indigenous groups say they are at “war” with the Brazilian government after the appointment of a justice minister with close ties to agriculture

Brazil ex-environment minister slams ‘land grabbing’ plan

Izabella Teixeira has hit out at a “shameful” parliamentary proposal to cut conservation zones in Amazonas state

National emergency as Chile fights record forest fires

Drought, heat and commercial foresting have made it easier for fires to spread, killing 11 people and consuming entire towns

South America

Middle East

Maldives president defends Saudi atoll deal, but reveals no detail

Maldives “should be afforded the ability to expand our economy” says president in response to criticism of a US$10bn development deal with Saudi Arabia

Court forces Turkish coal plant to suspend operations

Three years after it came online, Izdemir power station has been stripped of its environmental licence, in a win for campaigners

Saudi oil chief hails Trump’s ‘realistic’ energy plans

Khalid Al-Falih welcomes new president’s pro-fossil fuel approach, rejects suggestion US will quit Paris climate agreement

Saudi Aramco planning $5 billion clean energy binge

As low oil prices eat into country’s $600 billion sovereign wealth fund, state energy giant starts work on radical transition towards renewables

Into the abyss: oil states face turmoil as climate policies bite

A transition to green energy sources threatens the stability of oil-rich states like Venezuela, Russia and Saudi Arabia

Can Saudi Arabia’s regime survive in a greener world?

The race is on for Saudi Arabia to find new sources of income before the oil age peters out

Saudi Arabia working on plan to boost climate target

World’s top petroleum exporter not deterred by incoming Trump presidency; says it will explore new ways to cut carbon emissions

Israeli presence at climate talks causes anger in Morocco

“Morocco remains and will always remain the prime defender of the Palestinian cause,” said Moroccan foreign minister and COP22 president

Middle East


Maldives regime imperils coral reefs in dash for cash

Under President Yameen, ministers are quashing environmental concerns to strike opaque resort deals with foreign investors, warn divers, scientists and two EPA insiders

China kickstarting new coal boom in Pakistan

In a region of Pakistan besieged by drought, and blessed with solar potential, China is funding the expansion of huge new coal projects

Philippines senate unanimously votes to ratify Paris climate deal

Argument the UN pact is in vulnerable country’s best interests prevails over doubts expressed by President Rodrigo Duterte last year

Watchdog suspends Azerbaijan, EU gas pipeline loans threatened

Billions in development loans at risk after international human rights watchdog strips Azeri membership for failure to increase transparency

Bangladesh bets on coal to meet rising energy demand

Renewable options are being overlooked as government backs controversial polluting power plants, say experts

Philippines ready to ratify UN climate deal, says senator

Loren Legarda says Manila’s much-delayed ratification saga is edging to a conclusion – with formal approval of Paris deal imminent

Mr Trump, planetary conditions are not negotiable

Japan’s former environment and climate ambassador offers his analysis on how the international community can tackle the US president’s climate war

Exxon has ‘excellent future’ in Russia says ex-energy chief

Former Putin minister and CEO of Rosneft says renewed cooperation with US would open up “massive investment” in Arctic oil and gas



To save communities from rising seas, we must open our ears

As modernity creeps into Tanna, Vanuatu, climate change is just one of many new challenges. We cannot fight the former without understanding the whole

Adani coal would not cut emissions – IEA expert

Australian ministers claim Carmichael mine would send cleaner coal to India than imports from elsewhere. This is false, says analyst from major global agency

Climate change made NSW’s hottest summer 50 times more likely

Researchers find strong climate signal behind the heatwaves and record average temperatures that beset Australia’s eastern states this summer

Marshall Islands become first nation to ratify global HFC treaty

President hails Kigali deal as “good for our people, the planet, and the profits of those that follow in our footsteps”

100+ species face extinction as warming hits Australia’s southern waters

Scientists tell senate committee that marine animals and plants at Australia’s southern-most point have “nowhere to go” and will disappear this century

Australian Labor will not back 2030 renewable energy target

After political attacks, Labor says it will not legislate a renewable energy target, despite a policy promising to deliver a 50% share by 2030

Australia: Fires, floods, flying foxes and political farce

On a weekend rural communities suffered dangerous weather events, the government doubled down on coal

Australian climate sceptics may form new party

A right wing government backbencher with ties to mining magnate Gina Rinehart has registered a website for a new political brand, Australian Majority