Kerry criticises ‘vested interests’ as he steps aside for oil man

Secretary of state set to be replaced by Exxon boss Rex Tillerson said US faces ‘resistance from combination of doubters and people making a lot of money’

Obama: ‘I didn’t kill coal, gas did’

Donald Trump has accused Barack Obama of waging a “war on coal”, but the current president says it was “market forces”

Obama warns Trump against quitting Paris climate deal

Writing in the journal Science, outgoing US president tells his successor that scrapping the UN’s 2015 climate pact would lead to economic and diplomatic harm

South Asia’s women suffer as climate migration rises

Feminization of environmental migration is already underway in South Asia but governments have been slow to recognise the role of climate change

Weekly wrap: China cements low carbon plans

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How China is reinforcing its climate targets for 2020

This week’s hotly anticipated five-year plan for energy shows stronger ambition for shifting from coal to cleaner sources

Mapped: China’s $32 billion overseas clean energy splurge

Long known for its huge foreign investments in coal, oil and gas, Beijing is now starting to splash the cash on greener technologies

Kerry warns Trump against nixing climate progress

Outgoing secretary of state’s final memo to president Obama outlines his department’s successes, but warns that “the months and years ahead will be critical”



The age of Xi: will China flex its climate muscles in 2017?

Beijing’s policies have seen China invest heavily in renewables and support the UN’s first major climate pact – but without US cover it will face new scrutiny this year

Climate kids call on Rex Tillerson to testify in court

Plaintiffs in lawsuit against oil majors and the US government want Exxon chief-turned-secretary of state to give evidence the day before Donald Trump’s inauguration

Trump’s climate impact could be ‘vanishingly small’

Trump has called climate change a hoax, but what’s truly scary, scientists tell ProPublica, is how much larger the problem is than one American president.

Don’t kill US climate plans, 15 states warn Trump

Attorneys general from Democrat states and four sub-state jurisdictions say they will see the new president in court if he rips up low carbon policies

Letters reveal Trump rants against Scottish offshore windfarm

Furious missives from golf magnate and US president-elect said wind power was useless and would ruin Scotland’s economy

What Exxon’s 2017 energy outlook tells us about Rex Tillerson

Whether or not he wants it to, Donald Trump’s pick for US secretary of state expects the Paris climate deal to fail

Dirtier than tar sands: California’s crude oil secret

Lawyers are gearing up for a courtroom battle over some of the most carbon intensive supplies in the world

Obama’s last climate play: US, Canada agree Arctic oil ban

Over 115 million acres of Arctic will be free from oil and gas exploration under decrees by leaders of US and Canada



China to invest $361bn in clean power by 2020

Five-year plan sets country on path to get 15% of its energy from non-fossil sources by the end of the decade

China reveals 2016 coal power crackdown

Beijing government says it is starting to cancel coal projects, but critics say country is wasting billions on polluting capacity it does not require

Rising middle class threatens China’s climate targets

China’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are being undermined by increased Western-style consumption habits among the urban rich

Fuzzy data poses problems for China carbon market

Running an efficient carbon trading scheme is reliant on the supply of full and accurate data, which is often lacking in China’s secretive industrial sectors, warn analysts

Beijing limits on car registration boost electric vehicles

Subsidies and regulations make EVs an appealing option, but the charging infrastructure needs to keep up with demand

China prepares for world’s biggest carbon market

As Donald Trump’s victory plunges US climate action into uncertainty, China is going ahead with an ambitious policy

China minister confirms Beijing is not behind climate ‘hoax’

Asked by reporter if China is tweaking global warming fears, senior official urges critics to look at which US party set up UN climate science panel

Note to UK: China sees green economy as trade essential

Influential foreign ministry official emphasises importance of green economy for Beijing, says climate negotiations and free trade talks can generate global prosperity



Why India’s waste pickers are key to a fair climate deal

Low-carbon measures could increase urban poverty if a clean transition is not carefully managed, research from IIED suggests

India ‘lacks plan’ to cope with climate-linked migration

ActionAid says South Asian governments should work on better mechanisms to cope with large-scale movements

India to halt building new coal plants in 2022

Draft government plan finds no need for new coal stations beyond those already under construction, calls for massive renewable energy push

India’s silence on Trump noted at Marrakech climate talks

Delhi has kept quiet through the COP22 talks: few understand how it would react should the US president-elect quit the Paris deal

India claims subsidy-free carbon capture using UK, US-backed tech

Company founded by two Indian entrepreneurs claims it can capture a tonne of CO2 for $30 a tonne – far cheaper than the $60-90/t demonstrated elsewhere

Green Climate Fund talks ‘hijacked’ by India-Pakistan conflict

After objections by the Indian representative, the Green Climate Fund has kept on hold a project to reduce the risk of glacial lake outburst floods in northern Pakistan

India signals intent ahead of Marrakech climate summit

Statement from environment chief says Delhi wants clear evidence of how rich countries will deliver $100 billion a year by 2020 by COP22 talks

India outlines conditions for Paris climate deal support

India passes last legal hurdle before formally joining UN climate pact, but cabinet lists a number of caveats



Into the abyss: oil states face turmoil as climate policies bite

A transition to green energy sources threatens the stability of oil-rich states like Venezuela, Russia and Saudi Arabia

France delivers 2050 climate plan to UN

Francois Hollande joins leaders in US, Germany, Mexico and Canada in delivering long-term plan to slash emissions to United Nations climate body

Is Germany’s renewable power boom stalling?

Analysis of 2016 data by leading solar research institute shows no growth in electricity from renewable sources

Turkish gas companies with corrupt past get World Bank loan

Businessmen who have secured contracts to build massive gas pipeline linking EU and Azerbaijan were convicted for tender rigging and bribery

EU member states split on carbon market ambition

Spain, Italy and Eastern European countries resisted reforms to boost the flagging carbon price at a ministerial meeting on Monday

Kosovan villagers to take coal mine woes to human rights court

After the World Bank ducks responsibility for harm caused by botched coal mine expansion, community leaders plan to sue at human rights court in Strasbourg

Peruvian climate lawsuit against German coal giant dismissed

Claimant living under the threat of flooding from melting glaciers is likely to appeal to a higher German court, says lawyer

EU to cancel 1bn pollution permits in market reforms

Latest tweak to flagship climate policy will send a bullish signal to the market, say analysts, but a surplus of carbon allowances remains



British Army accused of thwarting Kenya’s climate plans

Who should account for emissions from overseas military training bases? UK defence planners say Kenya must deal with pollution from army manoeuvres

Chilling in Kigali: how the world sealed a climate deal for fridges

In the first in our 2016 in review series, Chatham House’s Duncan Brack reflects on the UN deal to curb HFC use that was agreed in October

Growing water stress drives desalination push in Kenya

As drought hits crop yields and livelihoods, Kenya approves the first of a planned fleet of plants to get drinking water from the ocean

Brazil’s coffee growers face bleak future as world warms

Small-scale farmers who produce most of the world’s coffee beans face reductions in crop yield and quality as a result of rising temperatures and extreme weather

Iconic Kruger game park faces bleak climate future

Recent drought gives a taste of things to come for Kruger National Park, South Africa, as global warming outpaces species’ ability to adapt

Africa drought drives sexual abuse, hits HIV treatment

Erratic rains have left a continent in crisis says UN, which is working on humanitarian ‘blueprint’ to make countries more resilient to extreme weather

Did Marrakech climate talks deliver for world’s poorest?

Lead envoy of Least Developed Countries bloc and chief advisor assess whether the COP22 talks last month offer hope dangerous warming will be stopped

Climate change is testing southern Africa water agreements

Stronger and fairer water agreements will be needed to prevent conflicts in southern Africa as the climate changes


South America

Brazil set for ‘environmental civil war’, warns minister

Jose Sarney Filho is at loggerheads with the rural lobby in Congress over a bill to tear up environmental protections

Conservation zones exclude indigenous people, drive deforestation

Without their traditional land managers, reserves in Central America are left vulnerable to corporate interests, report finds

Brazil needs new coalitions to halt forest clearance surge

The latest data confirms an increase in tree-cutting, including in the most valuable carbon-rich areas of Amazon rainforest

As drought bites, Bolivia declares state of emergency

Bolivia has declared a state of emergency as climate impacts shrink glaciers and leave cities without water

Time for cities to get a seat at global climate talks?

As the world continues to warm, cities are housing ever greater numbers − yet they have no voice in climate talks

Brazil’s greenhouse gas emissions rise on deforestation spike

Emissions increased 3.5% between 2014 and 2015, the latest independent analysis shows, while the economy shrank

Why the Marrakech summit must deliver on climate finance

Vulnerable countries urgently need predictable support, funding that will offer countless health, economic and development co-benefits of cleaner energy sources

Brazil forest clearance is rising in a recession – that’s worrying

Latest data shows forest protection schemes are not enough to protect the Amazon rainforest, writes Natalie Unterstell

South America

Middle East

Can Saudi Arabia’s regime survive in a greener world?

The race is on for Saudi Arabia to find new sources of income before the oil age peters out

Saudi Arabia working on plan to boost climate target

World’s top petroleum exporter not deterred by incoming Trump presidency; says it will explore new ways to cut carbon emissions

Israeli presence at climate talks causes anger in Morocco

“Morocco remains and will always remain the prime defender of the Palestinian cause,” said Moroccan foreign minister and COP22 president

Paris climate deal will not kill fossil fuels, says ex-Saudi oil chief

Influential former oil and climate envoy says solar is the future but predicts strong growth prospects for oil and gas sector, despite climate policies

Saudi Arabia to ratify Paris climate deal before Marrakech talks

Petropower will join historic pact ahead of further climate negotiations next week, says minister Khalid Al-Falih

Saudi Arabia says oil industry must meet climate goals

Oil chief Khalid Al-Falih cites the Paris climate deal at industry event in London, but adds oil and gas will provide the bulk of world energy supplies for decades

Palestine withdraws Israel-slating UN climate proposal

Two weeks after delivering a fierce attack on climate impacts of Israel’s occupation, government in Ramallah retracts fiery statement

UNGA: EU invests billions to prevent migration

Brussels chiefs say funding partnership with countries like Jordan and Kenya can create jobs, build sustainable infrastructure and boost security

Middle East


Indonesia president bans further destruction of peatlands

Norwegian pressure and financial support credited as world’s 8th largest greenhouse gas emitter targets end to exploitation of peatlands

Exxon, Chevron face Philippines climate change probe

Hearings by the country’s Human Rights Commission will target some of Donald Trump’s allies in the oil sector

Human rights report quashed in push for Azerbaijan-EU gas pipeline

Concerns about political prisoners were suppressed as politicians approved the Southern Gas Corridor, an Italian TV documentary reveals

Philippines energy chief blocks UN climate deal approval

Energy department chief says country needs more time to plan for lower carbon future, arguing developing countries must not be forced to cut their emissions

Bangladesh PM to put climate losses on Marrakech agenda

Sheikh Hasina is expected to attend COP22 and highlight her low-lying country’s vulnerability to flooding and cyclones

To deliver on Paris, world’s poorest need climate funding

To meaningfully engage in these crucial rule-making processes, poor governments need continued financial and capacity-building support to be able to contribute

Climate adaptation: how do we know we’re doing enough?

There is no single metric for tracking adaptation, making it hard to work out who is doing what, but a new model developed by IIED offers greater clarity

Slums boom in Philippines typhoon danger zones

Communities destroyed by Haiyan refuse to join government relocations as new residents swell unauthorised seaside neighbourhoods



Australian climate sceptics may form new party

A right wing government backbencher with ties to mining magnate Gina Rinehart has registered a website for a new political brand, Australian Majority

BP looking to sell off Great Australian Bight interests

Correspondence with the federal regulator reveals oil major is in discussions with others to offload drilling rights in environmentally sensitive region

Full circle: 33 hours in Australian climate policy

It took just over a day for the suggestion of a carbon price to be stamped out by right-wing MPs who hold the prime minister in their thrall

Fiji appoints beauty queen as climate ambassador

Anne Dunn takes on diplomatic role for next hosts of UN climate talks shortly after winning Miss Pacific Islands competition

Fire bombs: Hobart lies in the path of climate disaster

Around the world, communities are living obliviously close to climate-driven fire disaster. In the first in a series of reports, Karl Mathiesen visits Hobart, Tasmania

Fiji invites Trump to visit climate-hit Pacific islands

On the final day of climate talks in Marrakech, next year’s host appealed to the US president-elect for solidarity

Australia is withholding carbon emissions data, says UN

UNEP chief scientist says major report was unable to assess Australia’s progress towards its emissions targets because of a lack of information

New Zealand uses pine forests, creative accounting to dodge carbon cuts

Proposed forestry accounting changes would allow New Zealand to claim credits without cutting emissions, NGO claims