Green Climate Fund to fund $1bn Egypt renewables drive

In its biggest project to date, the UN’s flagship climate finance scheme is putting $150m towards developing wind, hydro and solar power in Egypt

Climate Weekly: EU heading for electric car quota

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A bottle of brandy that Trump won’t leave the Paris deal. Any takers?

Trump’s US remains firmly in the Paris climate deal. Richard Black reckons that’s how it will stay and he’s prepared to put his brandy where his mouth is

Sweltering European summer has human fingerprints

The chance of extremely hot days, such as have been seen across southern Europe this summer has been “greatly increased” by climate change

Al Gore: ‘Many Republicans want to switch sides on climate change’

The former US vice-president and climate campaigner has launched a new film and says “to fix the climate crisis we need to fix democracy”

EU ‘increasingly likely’ to implement electric car quota, despite denials

Quota on the production of electric cars by 2030 would be mandatory, according to sources

Australian government ‘can’t be trusted to protect Great Barrier Reef’

Government loses vote on bill noting the government’s ‘failure to protect’ reef on day of chaos in Canberra

What will become of Bangladesh’s climate migrants?

Millions of Bangladeshi’s could be forced from their homes by the effect of climate change. Where will they all go?



Trump lays groundwork for staying in Paris Agreement

After notifying the UN that he intends to leave the Paris climate deal, the prospect of Donald Trump doing so seems increasingly uncertain

Trump EPA loses court battle to cut air con pollutants

French-owned Arkema and Mexican Mexichem successfully sued to thwart the one Obama-era climate policy Trump stands by

Diplomatic cable: US has no plans to renegotiate Paris Agreement

President Trump is open to “re-engagement” with the Paris climate deal “on more favourable terms”, but not seeking to re-write the text, leaked cable reveals

Why state action is no answer to bonfire of US climate rules

President Trump says states know better than federal government how to protect the environment, but history shows they are creative at ducking collective problems

Trump letter to UN on leaving Paris climate accord – in full

Trump’s communication with the UN and media release clarified some details and set the scene for political manoeuvring to come

Trump to submit notice of Paris withdrawal to UN

White House to write to UN to inform of US intention to withdraw from climate deal, but remain engaged in hope of securing “more favourable” terms

This G20 will be remembered for division, not unity

Efforts in Hamburg to rally 19 countries to the Paris Agreement were successful, but deeper ambition feels further away

Who checks corporate claims of climate leadership?

Big companies say they are leading the way to a cleaner future, but with only voluntary disclosures to keep them honest we just have to trust them



Climate threatens ‘Himalayan Viagra’ fungus, and a way of life

A valuable fungus reputed to be an aphrodisiac has been disappearing from the mountains of Nepal, taking with it a valuable source of income

Volvo electric vehicle push reflects China’s leadership ambition

Car giant’s move away from the internal combustion engine will fuel Chinese dominance in emerging clean technology

China signed African coal deal days before Xi low emissions pledge at G20

In the week China’s president called for development banks to support low emissions in poor countries, China Development Bank loaned $1.5bn to coal in South Africa

Calling China’s carbon market ‘ambitious’ shows how low the bar has fallen

China is planning the world’s biggest carbon market, but with little detail given for its design, praise for the scheme is premature

EU-China: New ‘climate leaders’ are also enamoured of fossil fuels

Gas imports to Europe from the US and massive future coal burning in China undermine the rhetoric of the world’s new self-proclaimed climate spearheads

EU-China climate statement is a manifesto for a new global order

The ten-page document affirms, in extraordinarily strong language, that the EU and China intend to make the US irrelevant

Leaked EU-China climate statement – in full

As Trump reportedly prepares to walk out of the Paris climate deal, the EU and China have prepared a statement that sets them up to replace the US as climate leaders

Kenya signs China deal for coal plant beside Unesco site

Government assessment contains “grossly insufficient detail” about impact on world heritage site, said campaigners, who fear deal will prejudice an ongoing legal case



Indian coal growth has slowed since 2015

After rising at an average of 6% over the preceding decade, India’s coal consumption has risen at 2.2% a year since 2015, analysis from Greenpeace Energydesk shows

India’s electric vehicle revolution faces major hurdles

High costs and a lack of public charging stations pose a challenge to bold EV target, say experts, not helped by inconsistent government policy

Solar has not beaten coal in the race to electrify India

India’s future is still tied to coal and fixing woeful inefficiency of plants will create huge new generation at a price solar cannot match

India diverts $25 billion away from clean energy fund

Revenue raised by a tax on coal was originally intended to support renewables, but a investigation revealed it is being spent on an unrelated policy

Indian farmers mourn dead after debt crisis turns violent

Six protesters were killed in the Mandsaur district of Madhya Pradesh in June. Meet the bereaved families driven to despair by erratic weather and a tough market

Indian solar sector wary of China as protectionist policy nears an end

Indian solar manufacturers are likely to go bust when a World Trade Organization ruling kicks in later this year, experts say, increasing the dominance of Chinese imports

Modi and Adani: the old friends laying waste to India’s environment

India’s environment has been subjugated to the whims of the prime minister’s industrial cronies. How can the world believe him on climate change?

Modi and Trump avoid climate change tension on state visit

Trade and migration are dominated the Indian prime minister’s visit to the White House, with differences on the Paris Agreement side-stepped



Giant Tunisian desert solar project aims to power EU

Developer TuNur this week applied for authorisation to build a massive solar plant on the edge of the Tunisian Sahara, with undersea grid connections to Europe

Coal lobby threatens to sue over EU clean air rules

Euracoal accuses the European Commission of using air pollution legislation to implement climate policy, in breach of procedural rules

Finland’s plan to increase logging is a danger to the climate

Finland’s government has attempted to discredit scientists who criticised its increased logging programme, writes Hanna Aho from NGO Fern

May meets Trump on climate, but her Brexit will damage the Paris accord

Despite May’s G20 overture to Trump, her government is preparing a divorce from the EU that will have profound negative consequences for the climate

Germany ‘massively weakened’ draft G20 climate plan to appease Trump

Latest draft of German plan for next week’s Hamburg meeting contains major concessions to US and opens door for coal projects to be defined as “clean”

Sweden passes climate law to become carbon neutral by 2045

Legislation makes Sweden the first country to significantly upgrade its ambition since the world agreed a climate deal in Paris, in contrast with US backsliding

Club of Rome president: climate sanctions on US ‘a lovely idea’

“I suspect he is a loser president,” says Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker. But conceded trade barrier from the EU were unlikely

UN climate conference 2018 heads to heartland of Polish coal

Katowice, home to the largest coal company in the EU, will host the pivotal 2018 climate talks



Dying gods: Mt Kenya’s disappearing glaciers spread violence below

Those who rely on Mount Kenya’s glaciers for water have turned against one another as the rivers fed by the mountain dry up

African countries urged to prepare for rise in extreme El Niño events

Early warning systems and early action funds are needed to prevent repeats of the 2015/16 famine, experts warn in response to latest science

Kenya’s food crisis: ‘With this kind of farming, I only make a loss’

Farmers in Kenya’s Rift Valley are being forced from their farms by drought then hit by rising food prices as maize shortages bite

Kenya’s food crisis: Drought raises prices and political tensions

Opposition parties accuse the Kenyatta administration of failing to plan for poor harvests, as inflation bites ahead of an August general election

Egypt faces water insecurity as Ethiopian mega-dam starts filling

Farmers along the lower Nile have little information to guide them as upriver barrage threatens to compound the impacts of global warming

Norway, France urged to block DR Congo forestry project

NGOs warn that a project supposed to reduce deforestation could have the opposite effect, opening up large areas to industrial logging

Scientists say east Africa will get wetter, so why is it drying out?

Despite models predicting increased rainfall with climate change, the region has collapsed into drought – a puzzle known as the East African paradox

Sick of waiting, poor countries prepare to fight climate change alone

Developing countries have been promised $100bn per year by 2020, with no sign of it arriving some are taking matters into their own hands


South America

Brazil’s Temer extends amnesty to Amazon land-grabbers

Embattled president is regularising illegally occupied land at knock-down prices, in a move environmentalists fear will lead to more deforestation

Brazil prepares to grant land rights to criminals who stripped Amazon

Brazil’s government is set to roll back protections on vast areas of the Amazon that would legitimise land claims often made under fake names to avoid prosecution

Costa Rica bids for world’s cleanest transport system

With a 98% renewable power grid, Costa Rica is turning its climate efforts to dirty transport, with public companies promoting electric vehicles

Brazil’s Temer urged to veto rollback of forest protections

Nearly 600,000 hectares of land could lose protected status under a law approved by Congress, an area twice the size of the US’ Yosemite national park

Brazil’s pro-beef president Temer, betrayed by the industry he courted

Even as he handed more and more power to an agricultural lobby that would strip the Amazon for pasture, Michel Temer was being double-crossed

Brazilian indigenous leader appeals for solidarity against land grabs

Guarani-Kaiowá leader Ladio Veron is touring Europe to raise awareness of violence and environmental destruction by agribusiness

Worst land-related killings in decades expose Amazon’s lawless frontier

Nine men were brutally killed last month in a remote Brazilian settlement where deforestation, land grabbing and violence go unpunished

Brazilian MPs bid to cut protections for one million hectares of forest

As deforestation spirals out of control, bills to be voted on by Congress would roll back protections on area of forest the size of Jamaica

South America

Middle East

Conflict-hit Syrian hospital goes solar to save lives

Medical charity UOSSM plans to roll out solar power to five more facilities, reducing reliance on diesel generators to keep incubators and other equipment running

UK is in no position to lecture Saudis on oil dependence

PM Theresa May has offered to help wean Saudi Arabia off oil, but her government’s subsidies to North Sea producers are a poor model for the Middle East petrostate

Maldives president defends Saudi atoll deal, but reveals no detail

Maldives “should be afforded the ability to expand our economy” says president in response to criticism of a US$10bn development deal with Saudi Arabia

Saudis make Maldives land grab to secure oil routes to China

Proposed multi-billion dollar deal sparks protests in the tiny atoll nation, which has found itself at the centre of a great game over oil, power and religion

Court forces Turkish coal plant to suspend operations

Three years after it came online, Izdemir power station has been stripped of its environmental licence, in a win for campaigners

Saudi oil chief hails Trump’s ‘realistic’ energy plans

Khalid Al-Falih welcomes new president’s pro-fossil fuel approach, rejects suggestion US will quit Paris climate agreement

Saudi Aramco planning $5 billion clean energy binge

As low oil prices eat into country’s $600 billion sovereign wealth fund, state energy giant starts work on radical transition towards renewables

Into the abyss: oil states face turmoil as climate policies bite

A transition to green energy sources threatens the stability of oil-rich states like Venezuela, Russia and Saudi Arabia

Middle East


Sri Lanka plans no new coal plants until at least 2037

Government electricity authority says coal’s impact on health and environment tipped balance in favour of a gas and renewable-focused future

Hope and anger in Bangladesh as Unesco reverses coal plant opposition

“I want grid power,” say locals, despite concerns that Rampal’s mega-plant may threaten the world heritage listed Sundarbans mangrove forests

Cash begins trickling out of Green Climate Fund

After a barrage of criticism, the UN’s primary climate fund has released $5.2m to a handful of projects

‘Bad-ass business women’ bring solar empowerment to Nepal

NGO that helps women overcome cultural taboos and start their own clean energy businesses to be awarded prize in London ceremony

Bangladesh backtracks on carbon tax proposal ahead of election year

Mooted climate policy was dropped from the budget announced on Thursday, as energy and transport lobbies complained it would raise living costs

Bangladesh faces food supply crunch after flash floods

Unusually heavy pre-monsoon rains wiped out 2 million tonnes worth of rice crops, making farmers destitute and pushing up costs

Indonesia calls EU palm oil fuel ban ‘discriminatory’, ‘protectionist’

Indonesia’s foreign ministry has slammed the EU’s proposed ban on palm oil in biofuels

An open letter from Bangladesh to the American people

President Trump is failing to keep you safe, writes Saleemul Huq; Bangladesh can offer lessons in adapting to the impacts of climate change



Mattlan Zackhras, Marshall Islands climate leader, dies aged 47

Tributes to Minister Zackhras highlight his work at home and abroad to defend islands threatened by climate change

Australian bank sued over failure to disclose climate risks

Shareholders are taking the Commonwealth Bank to court, alleging that it is misleading investors about its financial position

Pro-Adani Australian resources minister quits over dual citizenship

Matt Canavan, who has strongly backed Adani’s Queensland mega-mine, is third senator in recent weeks to be caught out by dual citizenship rule

The tax-free shipping company that took control of a country’s UN mission

How the tiny, climate-threatened Marshall Islands came to be represented at UN shipping talks by a private company based in Virginia, 11,000km away

Pacific islanders: Shipping must comply with Paris climate goals

Representatives of four Pacific island nations join today at the IMO in London to ask the shipping industry to do its part to cut carbon emissions

UN committee urges Australia to rethink support for Adani coal mine

Human rights review finds Australia’s coal production ambitions will contribute to dangerous climate change and asks government to reconsider

Australia: new climate policy, same old politics

A major review of Australian climate policy has been compromised by the malignant politics that has sent Australia to the back of the international pack

Adani’s Australian mine green light can’t change economics of coal

The ‘final investment decision’ taken by Adani this week leaves many near and long term questions unanswered about the project’s viability