Flee Trump for France, Macron urges US climate sector

Presidential candidate delivers pointed rebuke to Donald Trump, welcoming US scientists and clean energy innovators to France

Brazil ex-environment minister slams ‘land grabbing’ plan

Izabella Teixeira has hit out at a “shameful” parliamentary proposal to cut conservation zones in Amazonas state

Trump won’t impact India’s climate drive, says energy minister

Piyush Goyal tells investors in Delhi his government is committed to a clean energy future, regardless of what direction the US takes

Bangladesh bets on coal to meet rising energy demand

Renewable options are being overlooked as government backs controversial polluting power plants, say experts

End coal by 2030 to meet Paris climate goal, EU told

Germany and Poland face biggest challenge to break dependence on dirty fuel, in scenarios mapped by Climate Analytics

2016: the year wind outpaced coal in the EU

Wind energy overtakes coal as the EU’s second largest form of power capacity but concerns remain over politicians’ enthusiasm for renewables, reports the Guardian

Kenya clean energy revolution dogged by land disputes

One wind farm was cancelled and another – the flagship Lake Turkana project – was delayed by social conflict, report highlights

Top US Republicans pitch $40 carbon tax to Trump

GOP veterans say carbon dividend could put money in pockets of 70% of poorest in US while significantly cutting greenhouse gas pollution



Over 400 ex-EPA staffers protest Trump environment pick

Former government employees raise concerns about Scott Pruitt’s climate scepticism

EPA airbrushes climate webpage as Pruitt nears confirmation

US federal environment agency has quietly removed a reference to UN climate cooperation from its website

Pentagon: Arctic melt requires updated US strategy

Falling sea ice levels due to climate change and spike in Russian activity require strategic response in US, says department of defense

Myron Ebell visits Number 10, does not meet PM

High profile US climate sceptic visits 10 Downing Street but did not meet Theresa May or any ministers, stress officials

Check the blueprints for Trump’s climate wipeout

Myron Ebell’s 9-point plan to dismantle US climate policy would see Washington pull out of UN climate body, freeze clean energy subsidies and oppose carbon taxes

Fiji says 2017 climate summit to focus on vulnerable nations

Host of COP23 meeting in Bonn calls for a focus on delivering support to at-risk nations and crafting Paris Agreement rulebook

Trump advisor: green movement a ‘threat to freedom’

Myron Ebell admits at a London event he has never met the US president, but is confident US will pull out of Paris climate agreement

Diplomatic blowback of US climate retreat may hurt Trump

The last time a US administration quit a UN climate deal was in 2000, and George W Bush’s team described the angry response from capitals as a ‘sobering experience’



Beijing is clamping down on provincial coal plans

At least 11 regions have been ordered to shelve coal power plants as China deals with surplus capacity

China energy efficiency improved in 2016, reports Xinhua

World’s largest carbon polluter making progress on efficiency, but doubts remain over accuracy of state data

Which countries are standing up to Trump on climate?

China, India, Mexico and Canada are among the global heavyweights to signal renewed support for climate action ahead of the new US administration’s first week in office

Xi Jinping: UN climate deal “must not be derailed”

Addressing UN in Geneva on Wednesday, China’s president again calls for countries to protect Paris climate agreement and embrace multilateralism

Xi warns Trump against quitting UN climate deal

Chinese president delivers impassioned ode to globalisation, free trade, green growth and says any trade war will leave ‘no winners’

What Trump can learn from China about competitiveness

In Davos, President Xi Jinping is promoting a new growth model. China Dialogue looks at how booming renewables support that vision

China is taking the green bond market by storm

Beijing’s sustainable finance push is bearing fruit, with a world-leading $36.9bn worth of green bonds issued last year

Weekly wrap: China cements low carbon plans

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Women’s mosque goes solar in India clean energy push

As Uttar Pradesh lags its target for solar installations, female-led Ambar Mosque calls on everyone to do their bit for air quality and energy access

India hails ‘climate leadership’ with new Kyoto commitment

World’s fourth largest emitter says backing for KP2 underlines its climate leadership as coalition to protect UN process against Trump gains pace

India to end coal imports in ‘next few years’

A 25% drop in imports in 2016 leads minister to declare independence from foreign coal

India dismisses Trump impact on climate targets

Piyush Goyal told energy analysts investors are keen to get involved in the country’s ambitious clean power plans

South Asia’s women suffer as climate migration rises

Feminization of environmental migration is already underway in South Asia but governments have been slow to recognise the role of climate change

Why India’s waste pickers are key to a fair climate deal

Low-carbon measures could increase urban poverty if a clean transition is not carefully managed, research from IIED suggests

India ‘lacks plan’ to cope with climate-linked migration

ActionAid says South Asian governments should work on better mechanisms to cope with large-scale movements

India to halt building new coal plants in 2022

Draft government plan finds no need for new coal stations beyond those already under construction, calls for massive renewable energy push



Netherlands invests €1m in global climate adaptation centre

Dutch join forces with Japan, UN among leading donors for project aimed at helping countries understand how they can cope with climate impacts

UK emissions have fallen 38% since 1990 on coal closures

UK chasing Denmark as one of the fastest carbon cutters in the developed world, but faces tougher challenge in cleaning up transport fleet

Think climate change is a hoax? Visit Norway

Environment minister says warm temperatures and low levels of Arctic sea ice are an early warning to world that climate change is biting

Sweden set to bring in climate law by 2018

Legislation will create the framework to deliver a cross-party agreement to go carbon neutral by 2045

Green groups don’t get conservatives – it’s time this changed

Conservatives are committed to science-based public policy on the environment, but for too long their voice has been ignored by civil society

6 takeaways from the 2017 EU state of the energy union

Brussels bids for climate leadership as US backs out, but stocktake shows clean energy momentum slowing and a carbon lock-in risk from gas pipelines

New gas pipelines could face EU climate test

Energy infrastructure should align with climate targets to avoid stranded assets, European Commission is expected to advise on Wednesday

Irish lawmakers vote to divest from fossil fuels

Ireland could become the first country to fully divest its sovereign wealth fund from coal, oil and gas



Drought sours future of Swaziland’s sugar growers

Sugarcane has brought wealth to the world’s last absolute monarchy, but climate change spells an uncertain future for this thirsty crop

Carbon sink larger than England found in Congo jungle

A carbon sink as large as 20 years’ worth of US fossil fuel emissions has been identified in peatland in central Africa’s forests

British Army accused of thwarting Kenya’s climate plans

Who should account for emissions from overseas military training bases? UK defence planners say Kenya must deal with pollution from army manoeuvres

Chilling in Kigali: how the world sealed a climate deal for fridges

In the first in our 2016 in review series, Chatham House’s Duncan Brack reflects on the UN deal to curb HFC use that was agreed in October

Growing water stress drives desalination push in Kenya

As drought hits crop yields and livelihoods, Kenya approves the first of a planned fleet of plants to get drinking water from the ocean

Brazil’s coffee growers face bleak future as world warms

Small-scale farmers who produce most of the world’s coffee beans face reductions in crop yield and quality as a result of rising temperatures and extreme weather

Iconic Kruger game park faces bleak climate future

Recent drought gives a taste of things to come for Kruger National Park, South Africa, as global warming outpaces species’ ability to adapt

Africa drought drives sexual abuse, hits HIV treatment

Erratic rains have left a continent in crisis says UN, which is working on humanitarian ‘blueprint’ to make countries more resilient to extreme weather


South America

National emergency as Chile fights record forest fires

Drought, heat and commercial foresting have made it easier for fires to spread, killing 11 people and consuming entire towns

Peruvian climate lawsuit against German coal giant dismissed

Claimant living under the threat of flooding from melting glaciers is likely to appeal to a higher German court, says lawyer

Brazil set for ‘environmental civil war’, warns minister

Jose Sarney Filho is at loggerheads with the rural lobby in Congress over a bill to tear up environmental protections

Conservation zones exclude indigenous people, drive deforestation

Without their traditional land managers, reserves in Central America are left vulnerable to corporate interests, report finds

Brazil needs new coalitions to halt forest clearance surge

The latest data confirms an increase in tree-cutting, including in the most valuable carbon-rich areas of Amazon rainforest

As drought bites, Bolivia declares state of emergency

Bolivia has declared a state of emergency as climate impacts shrink glaciers and leave cities without water

Time for cities to get a seat at global climate talks?

As the world continues to warm, cities are housing ever greater numbers − yet they have no voice in climate talks

Brazil’s greenhouse gas emissions rise on deforestation spike

Emissions increased 3.5% between 2014 and 2015, the latest independent analysis shows, while the economy shrank

South America

Middle East

Saudi oil chief hails Trump’s ‘realistic’ energy plans

Khalid Al-Falih welcomes new president’s pro-fossil fuel approach, rejects suggestion US will quit Paris climate agreement

Saudi Aramco planning $5 billion clean energy binge

As low oil prices eat into country’s $600 billion sovereign wealth fund, state energy giant starts work on radical transition towards renewables

Into the abyss: oil states face turmoil as climate policies bite

A transition to green energy sources threatens the stability of oil-rich states like Venezuela, Russia and Saudi Arabia

Can Saudi Arabia’s regime survive in a greener world?

The race is on for Saudi Arabia to find new sources of income before the oil age peters out

Saudi Arabia working on plan to boost climate target

World’s top petroleum exporter not deterred by incoming Trump presidency; says it will explore new ways to cut carbon emissions

Israeli presence at climate talks causes anger in Morocco

“Morocco remains and will always remain the prime defender of the Palestinian cause,” said Moroccan foreign minister and COP22 president

Paris climate deal will not kill fossil fuels, says ex-Saudi oil chief

Influential former oil and climate envoy says solar is the future but predicts strong growth prospects for oil and gas sector, despite climate policies

Saudi Arabia to ratify Paris climate deal before Marrakech talks

Petropower will join historic pact ahead of further climate negotiations next week, says minister Khalid Al-Falih

Middle East


Philippines ready to ratify UN climate deal, says senator

Loren Legarda says Manila’s much-delayed ratification saga is edging to a conclusion – with formal approval of Paris deal imminent

Mr Trump, planetary conditions are not negotiable

Japan’s former environment and climate ambassador offers his analysis on how the international community can tackle the US president’s climate war

Exxon has ‘excellent future’ in Russia says ex-energy chief

Former Putin minister and CEO of Rosneft says renewed cooperation with US would open up “massive investment” in Arctic oil and gas

Saudi $50 billion clean power plan close to launch

Minister says private sector will be encouraged to bid for major clean energy investment programmes as country moves to diversify economy

Turkish gas companies with corrupt past get World Bank loan

Businessmen who have secured contracts to build massive gas pipeline linking EU and Azerbaijan were convicted for tender rigging and bribery

Indonesia president bans further destruction of peatlands

Norwegian pressure and financial support credited as world’s 8th largest greenhouse gas emitter targets end to exploitation of peatlands

Exxon, Chevron face Philippines climate change probe

Hearings by the country’s Human Rights Commission will target some of Donald Trump’s allies in the oil sector

Did Marrakech climate talks deliver for world’s poorest?

Lead envoy of Least Developed Countries bloc and chief advisor assess whether the COP22 talks last month offer hope dangerous warming will be stopped



Australian climate sceptics may form new party

A right wing government backbencher with ties to mining magnate Gina Rinehart has registered a website for a new political brand, Australian Majority

BP looking to sell off Great Australian Bight interests

Correspondence with the federal regulator reveals oil major is in discussions with others to offload drilling rights in environmentally sensitive region

Full circle: 33 hours in Australian climate policy

It took just over a day for the suggestion of a carbon price to be stamped out by right-wing MPs who hold the prime minister in their thrall

Fiji appoints beauty queen as climate ambassador

Anne Dunn takes on diplomatic role for next hosts of UN climate talks shortly after winning Miss Pacific Islands competition

Fire bombs: Hobart lies in the path of climate disaster

Around the world, communities are living obliviously close to climate-driven fire disaster. In the first in a series of reports, Karl Mathiesen visits Hobart, Tasmania

Fiji invites Trump to visit climate-hit Pacific islands

On the final day of climate talks in Marrakech, next year’s host appealed to the US president-elect for solidarity

Australia is withholding carbon emissions data, says UN

UNEP chief scientist says major report was unable to assess Australia’s progress towards its emissions targets because of a lack of information

New Zealand uses pine forests, creative accounting to dodge carbon cuts

Proposed forestry accounting changes would allow New Zealand to claim credits without cutting emissions, NGO claims