China to invest $277 billion to curb air pollution

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China plans to invest $277 billion to combat air pollution. (Source: eutrophicationh&hypoxia)

China: China plans to invest 1.7 trillion yuan ($277 billion) to combat air pollution over the next five years, state media said on Thursday, underscoring the new government’s concerns about addressing a key source of social discontent. (Reuters)

UK: Government data confirms green goods and services market grew nearly five per cent to £122bn in 2011 to 2012. (Business Green)

US: US Vice President Joe Biden said in India on Wednesday that fighting climate change should not be at odds with economic development efforts in the world’s second-most-populous nation. (The Hill)

US: The US Environmental Protection Agency has updated its quarterly rankings of organisations that supply their electricity needs with renewable energy. (Renewable Energy World)

Canada: Climate change caused by human activities was behind the flooding in Calgary and the recent storms in central Ontario according to 53% of Canadians polled on 23 July by Forum Research. (The Star)

Researchers: Methane emitted from Arctic sea ice thaw could have catastrophic effects on global economy say UK researchers. (RTCC)

Finance: New regulations rule out new coal or lignite power plants from EIB investments, following similar move from World Bank last week. (RTCC)

Research: Ice loss has been “even faster than usual” according to records from the USA’s National Snow and Ice Data Center. (RTCC)

UK: 3D Holographic Radar can separate wind turbines from planes, making air traffic controllers’ jobs easier and reducing safety fears. (RTCC)


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