Thousands stranded as heavy monsoon rains hit Pakistan

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Pakistan’s Punjab province experienced severe flooding in 2010 (UN)

Pakistan: Northeast hit by surprise floods as monsoon rains intensify (

UK: Ministers need to do more to promote fracking, says Prime Minister’s office (FT)

USA: Investment in coal-fired plants in the developing world has dropped, dealing a blow to the world’s dominant source of electricity (Bloomberg)

USA: Tesla is preparing to launch an all-wheel drive version of its Model S electric car as early as next year (Gigaom)

USA: Seafood menus from Hawaii reflect long-term ocean changes (

USA: Solar power could supply one-third of the West’s power needs by 2050 if federal cost-reduction targets are met (Think Progress)

USA: Two young children in Pennsylvania have been banned from talking about fracking for the rest of their lives under a gag order imposed under a settlement reached by their parents with a leading oil and gas company. (Guardian)

Australia: The fate of the country’s carbon tax has become the hot political topic at the start of the election campaign, with the Climate Institute NGO warning that a win for Tony Abbott’s Liberal party would be bad news for the environment (RTCC)

Tuvalu: New Prime Minister says he wants country to regain prominence it’s lost in the global climate change debate. (ABC)

India: What are the motivations and interests of India and China in the Arctic? (Foreign Policy)

USA: First ‘net zero’ home is officially certified in Utah (Treehugger)

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