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Despite Cop28 pledge, France keeps fossil fuel subsidies for farmers

France has abandoned plans to phase out tax breaks on agricultural diesel in efforts to appease its increasingly disgruntled farmers.

Oil drilling while in the Energy Charter Treaty is economically reckless

The UK is opening itself up to repeated lawsuits from foreign oil and gas firms if it passes the Offshore Petroleum Licensing Bill

Countries draw battle lines for talks on new climate finance goal

Developed and developing countries are gearing up for heated discussions over the size of the goal and who should provide money for it

Loss and damage must be a focus of IPCC’s next reports

Without proper interventions anchored on the latest and best available science, even more people would be vulnerable to disastrous impacts of tremendous economic and non-economic costs.

Switzerland proposes first UN expert group on solar geoengineering

A draft resolution aimed at creating a space for discussion on sun dimming technologies will be debated at the summit of the UN’s environment body this month

Blended finance can perpetuate climate colonialism

‘Blended finance’ took centre stage at Cop28, with the Green Climate Fund among its supporters. But there are still major problems with the concept that must be addressed before considering any further expansion.

Problems mount for Sahara gas pipeline, leaving Nigerian taxpayers at risk

The Nigerian government is sinking billions into the long-delayed project but economic and security problems are mounting

Argentine resistance hinders Milei’s forest and glacier destruction

Ultra free-market president Javier Milei has not so far been able to get cuts to environmental regulations through Congress

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The all-male Cop29 committee is a big step backwards for climate

Azerbaijan appointed 28 men and zero women to a key group tasked with organising the upcoming climate summit in the country

Adaptation playbook is the true test of Cop28 for world’s vulnerable

While most attention is on fossil fuels, the US is blocking progress on an adaptation playbook, a matter of life or death for many Africans

Dutch initiative must turn the tables on fossil fuel subsidy reform

We’ve had enough “transparency” and “dialogue” around fossil fuel subsidy reform. It’s time to change the defaults

To land fossil phase-out deal, rich nations must add fairness

Differentiated targets and financial support for the global south are critical to overcoming opposition to a fossil fuel phase-out at Cop28

Don’t be fooled: CCS is no solution to oil and gas emissions

The oil and gas industry wants you to believe it can capture its emissions and keep drilling as usual. That’s no way to avert climate chaos

Avoid our mistake: Don’t let World Bank host loss and damage fund

At the Global Partnership for Education, we paid a high price to be hosted by the World Bank. A loss and damage fund should be independent

To triple renewable energy, the Global South needs finance

A renewable energy target will be debated at Cop28 but financial reforms are needed for the Global South outside China to meet that target

The EU is about to revive a failed climate solution

The EU once led the world in combatting flawed forest offset schemes. Now it’s looking to give them a new lease of life.

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