SME Climate Hub launches in the US to support companies to decarbonise

Sponsored content: The Hub will provide companies with resources to help them lower emissions while increasing profits

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The SME Climate Hub launched its campaign in the United States today at Climate Week NYC to support SMEs cut their emissions and cut costs. 

Hosted by the We Mean Business Coalition, the initiative launches in partnership with America Is All In to help small and medium-sized businesses thrive while reducing their emissions. 

By providing free resources to help cut costs and increase profits, the Hub hopes to be the go-to place for emission reductions for small enterprises facing soaring inflation and energy prices. 

“Action on climate change cannot wait, and we need the energy and drive of these community leaders and entrepreneurs to succeed. Fortunately, the SME Climate Hub is here to help,” said María Mendiluce, CEO of the We Mean Business Coalition. 

“By committing to the SME Climate Hub, small businesses can better navigate the shifting expectations of consumers, large corporations and government and play their part in stabilising the economy and the climate,” Mendiluce added. 

Endorsed by the United Nations Race to Zero campaign, the initiative is backed by major US corporations, civil society and local and federal government. 

Working with multinational companies like Walmart, Siemens and HSBC, and 1.5 Supply Chain Leaders Ericsson and Mastercard, the SME Climate Hub will help SMEs to receive support including education and access to improved financing and capital incentives. 

The US has over 30 million small businesses, and the initiative aims to support SME leaders and owners in their decarbonisation efforts.  

“Halving emissions by 2030 requires an ‘all of society’ approach that includes small and medium sized businesses. This new partnership will help them share effective strategies, raise their ambitions, accelerate their progress, and help put us on the path to reaching our 2030 goal,” said Michael R. Bloomberg, co-chair America Is All In, UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy on Climate Ambition and Solutions, and founder of Bloomberg LP and Bloomberg Philanthropies . 

As signatories of the SME Climate Hub, businesses can access tools to make it easier for them to benefit from cost savings, tax credits, capital finance, and a competitive advantage in low-carbon markets.  

SME members of the hub, are already experiencing benefits. “Cutting carbon is a straight forward business proposition for us,” said recent joiner Jared Meyers, Chair of Legacy Vacation Resorts, a multi-state hospitality company. 

Over the last two years, the organisation has transitioned several of its properties to solar energy thanks to the Hub’s resources and community shared practices. 

“Our company simply can’t survive if extreme weather events worsen and become more frequent,” Meyers added. 

“We are proof that climate action pays off and that addressing our climate challenges gives us agency and makes us more resilient.”

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