Reader profile: Amelia Rose Khan wants Cop26 to close carbon accounting loopholes

Comment: “I don’t relax, the climate crisis is always on my mind” says Canadian regional organiser Amelia Rose Khan


Amelia Rose Khan has always been interested in the climate crisis. When they were little, they used to go for walks with their family around their neighbourhood in Toronto where one of their siblings taught them more about the environment. At college, they took this a step further and helped indigenous communities fight for their environmental rights.

They work as a regional organiser at the Climate Reality Project in Canada, an organisation started by Al Gore which helps to recruit, train, and mobilize people to become effective climate advocates. 

Their job involves following up with volunteers who have signed up for the programme in their region and connecting them with a climate hub or group in their area that meets their skill set and needs. The focus is to get people involved in lobbying their local municipal politicians to take action on the climate crisis. Toronto already has many groups, networks and alliances that are doing climate leadership work.

Climate Home News helps Amelia Rose keep informed on the latest climate stories from around the world, which complements their work with climate leaders and activists. 

 “I really like that Climate Home News does in-depth stories and reports on stories that might not always be top of mind for people” 

What would you like to see Cop26 achieve this year? 

This year at Cop, I would like to see 2C be pushed out and only have 1.5C in the text.  Along with that, I’d like them to make sure loopholes are fixed and no LULUCF [sources and sinks related to forestry and land use] is used in counting emissions. Along with that, I’d like to see the Redd+ programme [a UN initiative to fund forest protection] fixed.  

What makes you despair? 

Trying to work on the issue and seeing all the natural disasters around the world. Every day I cry because the people in power who can make the most changes don’t do this quick enough.  

What brings you hope? 

Working with people who are passionate about the issue and fighting back against everything that is going sideways. 

What do you do to relax? 

I don’t relax, the climate crisis is always on my mind.  I’m always thinking of what is the next step to slow down the climate crisis.  Where would make the biggest impact, and how I can get involved.

Tiktok or LinkedIn? 


Greta (Thunberg) or (Bill) Gates? 

Greta Thunberg 

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