Reader profile: Will Ward is all about human-centred stories

Comment: An educational program coordinator for a Canadian charity, Will Ward thinks great things can be achieved when you take brave positive action


As a small child, Will Ward just couldn’t get his head around the fact that people knew about the climate crisis but weren’t doing anything about it. Once he discovered what capitalism was, things made a lot more sense to him. 

Will works at the Kawartha World Issues Centre (KWIC) in Ontario Canada, a charity that connects people to global issues and local initiatives. Their aim is to foster equitable and sustainable communities.

In his role as the educational program coordinator, Will connects with the KWIC community and organises events such as film nights to spark conversation about various topics related to KWIC’s work. He is all about human-centred stories and creating community. 

“I like knowing there’s a human behind the news. Not through providing a biased piece but one that doesn’t ignore tragedy or joy.” 

What would you like to see Cop achieve this year? 

Vulnerability, from those who haven’t yet been pushed to show it. Much like Brené Brown, I think that great things can be achieved when you take bold brave positive action regardless of the spot you might end up in. 

What makes you despair? 

Knowing that despair is sometimes a vital but unenjoyable catalyst for hope. And the awareness of it all makes it seem in my head like some looming grand piano on a pulley system. So, self-awareness? 

What brings you hope? 

Very mundane things sometimes, because I think hope is everywhere. It’s subjective too so I can assert that it’s everywhere. I feel great hope in listening to people talk about their passions. 

What do you do to relax? 

I think relaxing is a monumental feeling that I can conjure the best when I take pause through music, reading, and talking. But it only works if I feel worthy of relaxation.

Tiktok or LinkedIn? 

Tiktok I think was a placeholder for social interaction during lockdown for a lot of people trying to relate to others in the same niches that they wound up in. But also, it was hours of mindless escapism each day and we have shorter attention spans due to it.

LinkedIn really doesn’t focus on lived experiences to the extent that are due. It calls into question of ‘whose framework am I trying to look qualified in?’ And if we want to hire transactional employees or relational ones.

Greta (Thunberg) or (Bill) Gates? 

This isn’t even a question. I am team Thunberg all the way. 

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