Animation and podcast series share the story of Future Climate for Africa

Sponsored content: Watch and listen to find out how FCFA’s innovative research programmes is support climate change resilience across Africa


Future Climate for Africa (FCFA) is excited to share the animation “Building climate change resilience in Africa – the story of Future Climate for Africa” and the podcast series “The African climate breakdown.”

The FCFA animation provides a dynamic summary of FCFA’s research over the past 5 years and highlights the innovative approach to climate research adopted by the research teams; IMPALA, HyCRISTAL, AMMA-2050, UMFULA, and FRACTAL. 

Watch the animation: Building climate change resilience in Africa with French subtitles here.

The FCFA podcast series shares the innovative research and on-the-ground climate change stories from FCFA. This series aims to engage listeners with information about climate change and its impact on Africa but also to highlight some of the key progress being made towards a more resilient future for the continent.

The podcast host, Dr Suzanne Carter (FCFA coordination unit lead) together with a range of co-hosts from the FCFA programme, guides listeners through climate change conversations and discussions featuring FCFA researchers as guests.

Listen to episode 1: How is Africa’s climate changing

Listen to episode 2: How climate change is impacting Africa’s water availability

Listen to episode 3: Tackling climate change in African cities

Listen to episode 4: Making Africa’s agriculture more climate resilient

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