Contributing climate research to Wikipedia edit-a-thon in New Delhi

Sponsored content: How to participate in a climate change Wikipedia edit-a-thon in New Delhi, India, in May 2020

Future Climate for Africa and the Climate and Development Knowledge Network are hosting a climate change Wikipedia edit-a-thon in New Delhi, India, on 1 May 2020. (Photo: Andrzej Wrotek/Flickr)


“In light of the increased global concern and vigilance surrounding the spread of COVID19 and the postponement of Adaptations Futures, CDKN and FCFA will be suspending the Wikipedia edit-a-thon proposed for 1 May 2020 in Delhi.

At this stage we intend to move the event to take place after Adaptation Futures in September/October but will communicate alternative plans at the earliest opportunity once we have a clear way forward.”

Are you attending Adaptation Futures? Do you want to learn how to edit Wikipedia and contribute climate research and information to the world’s largest online encyclopedia? 

Future Climate for Africa and the Climate and Development Knowledge Network are hosting a climate change Wikipedia edit-a-thon after Adaptation Futures in New Delhi, India, on 1 May 2020.

With an average of 19 billion page views a month, Wikipedia provides readily accessible information to millions in the broader public, but can also boost the impact of science. Thompson and Hanley (2018) found that scientific articles referenced in Wikipedia receive more citations, suggesting that Wikipedia complements the traditional journal system by pointing researchers to key underlying scientific articles.

Wikipedia is therefore an important channel for communicating research findings and increasing the exposure and impact of research.

This event follows on from the success of Africa’s first Wikipedia edit-a-thon on climate change that took place in Cape Town in August 2019.

The edit-a-thon will bring together approximately 30 climate change researchers and practitioners, as well as veteran Wikipedia editors, to update and add content related to climate change.

Applicant requirements:

  • You must be working in the climate change field, including researchers and practitioners
  • Strong proficiency in English as this will be the language of instruction for the edit-a-thon, and because most editing will take place on English Wikipedia.
  • You must be attending Adaptation Futures and have funds to cover all your conference expenses for your trip to Adaptation Futures including flights, transfers, accommodation, visas, registration, and meals.
  • It is a prerequisite for you to attend the session: Wikipedia as a tool to accelerate adaptation knowledge at Adaptation Futures, as this will prepare you for the full-day editing event on 1 May.
  • We strongly encourage developing country and female researchers and practitioners to apply given the underrepresentation of developing country and female editors on Wikipedia.

The organising team will only cover the costs necessary to extend your stay to attend the Wikipedia edit-a-thon after Adaptation Futures. This includes covering the hotel, airport transfer and food expenses once Adaptation Futures ends. You are responsible for covering the cost of your flight and making sure it is booked for a later date in order to attend the edit-a-thon on 1 May. The organisers will not cover any flight changes to accommodate attendance at the event.

Interested researchers are invited to apply by completing this Google Form by 24 February 2020.

If your application is successful, you will be notified by 2 March 2020. If you do not receive a response by then, please consider your application unsuccessful.

If you have any questions please email [email protected].

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