Signify’s Latin American operations are now carbon neutral

Sponsored content: Adding to a list of other regions, the company has now made significant progress toward its 2020 goal of carbon neutrality for all of its operations


Signify, the world leader in lighting, achieved carbon neutrality for its Latin American operations, putting the company well on track to realize carbon neutrality for all of its operations in 2020.

Since 2016, the company already became carbon neutral in the US, Greater China, the Benelux, Middle East & Turkey, Canada, Iberia, UK & Ireland, France and Italy, Israel and Greece.

The team in Latin America achieved carbon neutrality by reducing carbon emissions in 2018 by 22% including a reduction of 61% from air freight, 20% from ocean freight and 14% from industrial sites. It offsets the remaining emissions through contributions to projects that have a positive environmental and social impact, including the Colombian reforestation project.

“The goals of the Paris Agreement seem to be harder to reach than ever before, making it all the more important that corporations take action to fight climate change. That’s why I’m so proud of the commitment our employees in Latin America have put into this achievement. This is another major step on our way to complete carbon neutrality, which is the cornerstone of our Brighter Lives, Better World sustainability program,” said Sergio Villalon, Market Leader, Latin America.

Signify introduced its “Brighter Lives, Better World” sustainability program in 2016, setting ambitious sustainability goals for 2020, consisting of two pillars:

1. Sustainable revenues:

  • 80% of revenues will come from sustainable products, systems and services by 2020
  • More than 2 billion LED lamps and luminaires delivered by 2020

 2. Sustainable operations:

  • 100% carbon neutral for operations
  • 100% use of renewable electricity
  • Zero waste to landfill in manufacturing
  • Strive for a safe and healthy workplace with a total recordable case rate of less than 0.35
  • Ensuring a sustainable supply chain with a minimum supplier performance rate of 90%

As part of the company’s leadership in energy efficiency measures Signify is committed to the World Green Building Council’s initiative to have all of its buildings be carbon neutral by 2030. In addition, Signify supports The Climate Group’s EV100 initiative to operate a 100% electric and hybrid lease fleet by 2030 and its RE100 initiative to scale up the use of renewable electricity.

Signify was named Industry Leader in the Electrical Components and Equipment category of the 2018 Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), receiving recognition for all its sustainability improvements.

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