Myron Ebell visits Number 10, does not meet PM

High profile US climate sceptic visits 10 Downing Street but did not meet Theresa May or any ministers, stress officials

UK prime minister Theresa May (Pic: Number 10/Flickr)


UK prime minister Theresa May did not meet Myron Ebell, Donald Trump’s controversial former climate and energy advisor, when he visited Downing Street on Tuesday, say officials.

Ebell, a vocal US climate sceptic who wants the US to quit the Paris climate agreement was pictured leaving May’s official residence – but Number 10’s press office said he was not there to talk climate change and did not meet key powerbrokers.

“The prime minister did not meet Myron Ebell today… nor did any ministers or senior members of staff,” said a spokesperson. “He was visiting Number 10 for a meeting with advisors in his capacity as director of the Competitive Enterprise Institute.”

In a talk on Monday, Ebell described environmentalists as the “greatest threat to freedom” facing the US.

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