Hollywood stars target Trump climate change denial

Not reality TV: celebs highlight threat to US posed by rising sea levels, wildfires, drought and crop failure linked to fossil fuel emissions


Aliens and Avatar star Sigourney Weaver led a cluster of Hollywood A-listers in supporting Hillary Clinton’s pitch for the US presidency this week – all because of climate change.

Addressing the Democratic National Convention, Weaver called tackling global warming a “moral obligation” and said Clinton was “committed” to the challenge.

“I’m deeply concerned about my family’s future… that future is at risk,” she said.

Weaver narrated a short film released this week which underlines the risks posed to the US by spiralling levels of greenhouse gas emissions.

Directed by James Cameron and Maria Wilhelm, the film features Arnold Schwarzenegger, Don Cheadle, Jack Black, and America Ferrara.

‘Because of global warming, mountain snow melts earlier each year. And when that happens, the ground dries up earlier too,’ says Schwarzenegger in the film.

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