Paris climate summit’s best pics in tweets

After UN climate chief Christiana Figueres called for followers’ top photos from COP21, here’s what people tweeted in

(Pic: Petit_Louis/Flickr)

(Pic: Petit_Louis/Flickr)

By Alex Pashley 

The COP21 extravaganza welcomed world leaders, diplomats and indigenous leaders to Paris this month. 

Here are some of the top shots according to Twitter users.

The UN’s climate chief dances with Southern Africa archbishop Thabo Makgoba as the summit gets underway.

Pairs of shoes in Paris’ Place de Republique to represent people who were blocked from holding a climate march over security concerns.

“We cannot say to our children that we didn’t know,” reads a poster at Le Bourget conference site where talks were held for two weeks.

Climate activist Neeshad V S pictured with Greenpeace head Kumi Naidoo and former US vice president Al Gore.

Activists protest that countries aren’t taking adequate steps to stop global warming at the Eiffel Tower on Saturday 12 December.

A young woman pictured next to a French policeman, a great number of which patrolled the streets during the country’s state of emergency.

Greenpeace made a splash with this giant polar bear.

Lawmakers from all over the world met at the GLOBE Legislators summit to discuss national climate policies.

And finally. Meeting the Canada’s new PM, Justin Trudeau.


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