The Emissions Factor podcast: Bonn climate talks review

Ed King is joined by Michael Jacobs, Pilita Clark plus we hear from Christiana Figueres, Laurence Tubiana + Dan Reifsnyder

On this week’s podcast Ed King is joined by the FT’s Pilita Clark and Michael Jacobs  – advisor to former UK PM Gordon Brown – now working with the New Climate Economy.

In a week where progress on a proposed Paris climate deal was widely advertised – but little seen – we cut through the spin to establish what’s on the table (and what’s not).

We also hear from UN climate chief Christiana Figueres, France’s top climate diplomat Laurence Tubiana and the two men co-chairing this negotiations: Dan Reifsnyder and Ahmed Djoglaf.

Pilita Clark: 

“The stakes here are enormous – we are talking about economy wide global change here and that is an enormous thing – it has never been done before in quite the same way. It’s understandable that countries will hold back and as part of a negotiations not give in right now… the difficulty is really trying to understand which countries really would be happy with a weak, substandard deal.”

Michael Jacobs:

“The idea that most countries have is that this will be a durable agreement that lasts for 30-40 years… and every 5 years what countries do on climate change will be updated and extended – there will be rounds of agreement every 5 years. People hadn’t really been clear about what was going to be in there – was it mitigation or adaptation as well – and that has definitely been clarified. There has been convergence around middle positions.”

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