The Emissions Factor Podcast: Is optimism ahead of Paris justified?

Ed King is joined by Richard Black, Farhana Yamin and Lisa Friedman – plus an interview with Connie Hedegaard

Ed King hosts the first in a series of podcasts on the road to Paris, where negotiators hope to strike a global climate deal in December.

He is joined by former BBC environment correspondent Richard Black, now head of the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit and UN climate negotiations veteran Farhana Yamin, founder of Track0.

We also hear from the EU’s former climate chief Connie Hedegaard and get a Washington DC update from ClimateWire deputy editor Lisa Friedman.

Key questions on this week’s show include: What does success in Paris look like? Are expectations being dampened? What’s with the long term goal? Where the hell will the money for this come from?

Richard Black on success:

“For me the question is about the momentum, political will. Does it keep the door open to us getting to 2C and build confidence for all governments to go further?”

Farhana Yamin on the talks:

“The US are basically in charge of the negotiations. I’ve never seen such a coordinated diplomatic effort from top downwards… it’s a huge part of their diplomatic effort overseas and at home. Barack Obama has spent his political capital to secure his climate legacy.”

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