On climate change, Obama don’t need no ‘anger translator’

POTUS gets irate in skit on US inaction on climate change as he ribs critics at annual White House Correspondent’s Dinner

US President Barack Obama (Flickr/ Brian Wolfer)

US President Barack Obama (Flickr/ Brian Wolfer)

By Alex Pashley

No target was spared on Saturday night as President Barack Obama poked fun at acerbic Republicans, fellow democrats and even himself.

Though one of the celebrity-filled bash’s most raucous moments came with an outburst on US opposition to tackling global warming.

Inviting on stage American comic Keegan-Michael Key before an audience of 2,600 from the media, politics and show business, Obama spoke in level-headed presidential tones, while Key translated his true thoughts.

But when the act turned to climate change, Obama flipped: “It’s crazy! What about our kids?! What kind of stupid, shortsighted, irresponsible…” before Key stopped him, and told him to get counselling.

Chapeau Obama.

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