Carbon Fast Calendar: 40 days of Lenten green living

Don’t want to quit chocolate? Cut down on carbon instead, suggests Global Catholic Climate Movement

Pic: Marina del Castell/Flickr

Pic: Marina del Castell/Flickr

By Sophie Yeo

Lent begins today, meaning many will begin a 40-day odyssey in which they quit chocolate, smoking or some other mild vice.

The Global Catholic Climate Movement has other ideas.

It has proposed a “carbon fast”, in which followers cut down on their high emissions lifestyle and become more mindful of the impact that they are having on the planet.

The Christian tradition of Lent is carried out in remembrance of the 40 days which Jesus spent fasting in the desert.

While the devil tempted Jesus with promises of bread and riches, modern day fasters are more likely to be distracted by high carbon luxuries.

To keep them on the straight and narrow, the Global Catholic Carbon Movement has designed a calendar of activities that fasters can carry out throughout the 40-day challenge.

These range from ordering “eco palms” on Palm Sunday to planning your own green funeral on Holy Saturday.

Here’s the full schedule.

2015 Lent Carbon Fast Calendar by

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