Mapped: How the world sees climate change

Track how different countries view the threat of global warming and its impacts with RTCC’s interactive map

By Sophie Yeo

With 73% of British people now urging leaders to sign a global climate deal, we’ve taken a look at what the rest of the world thinks.

RTCC has compiled the data from climate opinion polls between 2009-2014 to reveal which politicians will have their people behind them when they go to sign a new climate deal next year, and which populations will be ferried reluctantly into a new deal.

Based on what is a limited set of polls, it’s the former. In some cases, it appears to be sceptic governments lagging behind their people. And as climate change impacts rise, those doubts could decrease.

Polls: Pew Research Center; Ipsos MORI; European Commission Special Barometer; World Wide Views on Global Warming; The Asia Foundation Climate Change Perception Study; Populus; Yale Project on Climate Change Communication; The Environics Institute; Levada Center

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