Filipino heartthrob joins 1,000km climate walk

Schoolgirls scream as Dingdong Dantes joins marchers raising awareness of global warming in the Philippines

CLIMATE WALK PHILIPPINES from Jesse Phinney on Vimeo.

One month after they set out from Manila, walkers led by Philippines climate diplomat Yeb Sano are nearing their destination.

They are heading for Tacloban, a small town devastated by Typhoon Haiyan last year – or Yolanda, as it was known locally.

The actor, presenter and model Dingdong Dantes has joined them in their quest to raise awareness of climate change, which is expected to make such extreme weather more common.

He tells the crowds it is “truly very inspiring” to see their support and asks them to commit to the cause.

Sano, who himself became an overnight climate hero after delivering a tearful speech at the UN’s Warsaw conference last year, said: “This is a battle that can only be won at the grassroots.”

“We don’t have the illusion that things will change overnight… but we have the belief that we are planting the seeds of change.”

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