Leonardo DiCaprio narrates climate change series

Actor calls for carbon price in video on climate change

By Sophie Yeo

Actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio is narrating a series of videos about the dangers and possible solutions to climate change.

The first of the four-part series was released on Wednesday. Called “Carbon”, it promotes the idea that putting a global price on carbon could accelerate progress towards a clean energy revolution.

Further instalments, which have all received funding from the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, cover renewable energy, ecosystems and Arctic methane emissions.

The video, which is produced by Tree Media, calls on President Obama to put a price on carbon, but also encourages action on a smaller scale.

“If national governments won’t take action, your community can. We no longer need the dead economy of the fossil fuel industry,” says DiCaprio.

The actor has a record of supporting environmental initiatives.

Most recently, he took part in US state secretary John Kerry’s oceans summit, pledging US$7 million to conservation work, and co-founded a Grand Prix team for Formula E, the world’s first electric car racing series.

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