Fracking protesters stage ‘day of action’ across UK

Actions take place in London, Swansea, Salford and Blackpool against government decision to censor shale gas study

By Ed King

UK anti-fracking campaigners have glued themselves to the doors of a government building as protests build across the country.

The environment department (Defra) redacted parts of a report detailing the effects of shale gas drilling on rural communities.

Activists from Reclaim the Power are demanding the full document is released and say ministers are trying to mask the negative effects of fracking on the local environment and house prices .

Lindsay Alderton, who was one of the protesters glued to the building, told the Guardian the blacked-out parts of the report were “outrageous” and called for a public debate on fracking.

Earlier this morning activists who climbed scaffolding displayed a banner that read: “What’s to hide Defra? Don’t frack with our future.”

In a series of staged events this morning, protesters blockaded the London headquarters of the UK’s largest shale gas company iGas, and claimed to have broken into the Blackpool offices of gas exploration firm Cuadrilla.

Hundreds of protesters also marched along Blackpool promenade, while others took a giant dragon to Cuadrilla’s HQ.

In Swansea students staged a “lock-in” at the University’s new Energy Safety Research Institute, which they say will be used to enhance fracking techniques.

While in Salford a banner was unfurled over the Manchester Ship Canal near the BBC studios, accusing Cuadrilla of dumping radioactive waste into the waters

Meanwhile, sharp eyed fracking supporters leapt onto their high horses after spotting this mini #fail – Note to campaigners. Hide the gas canisters.

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