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WANTED: fabulous writers with a story to tell about how their local communities are preparing for the future

(Pic: Bigstock)

(Pic: Bigstock)

By Ed King

I’m building a network of writers from around the globe to explain the environmental challenges faced by their communities.

And if you’re interested, I’d love you to join what I’m calling the RTCC Resilient Cities Blogging Network.

The genesis of this idea is fairly simple.

By 2050 around 70% of us are expected to live in cities and other urban areas. Demand for water, food, energy, clean air and green spaces will rise in that time.

How governments respond to this challenge while addressing the causes and impacts of climate change is likely to define the 21st century.

And it’s also clear that while progress at the *very* top of governments can be slow, city leaders are racing ahead, investing in new technologies, innovative buildings and cutting air pollution.

So that’s where we want to get to, and it’s why the team at RTCC need your input.

We’re looking for writers who can tell a story about what’s happening in their local communities around the world. All articles will be paid for.

What could you write about?

How about these for a starter: how are people being affected by extreme weather? Are they developing new strategies to cope? What steps are local governments taking to address their concerns? Is there a clean energy revolution taking place in your back yard?

The team at RTCC has highlighted eight cities we’re particularly interested in. These are Apia (Samoa), San Francisco, Lima, Rio de Janeiro, Lagos, Moscow, Manila and Mumbai.

So if you live in one of those areas – get in touch. That’s not to say we’ll ignore other parts of the world, so do contact us if you feel you have a story to tell.

If you’re interested, send me an email with three examples of your writing, a (very) short CV and five story ideas for February 2014, with Resilient Cities 2014 in the subject line.

The editorial team will make a decision over writers selected for the network in March 2014.

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