Rich nations could face climate compensation legal challenge

Today’s top five climate change stories chosen by RTCC
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Source: Flickr/EU Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection

Source: Flickr/EU Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection

1. Climate court draws closer
Developing countries could take richer nations to court over the impacts from climate change within 5-10 years. That’s the view of UCL legal expert Philippe Sands, quoted in a Guardian commentary by former UK climate and energy chief Chris Huhne.

2. China eyes Amazon oil
China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) is on the brink of taking on oil and gas rights across more than 1 million hectares of Peru’s Amazon reports China Dialogue. The deal could be worth £2.6 billion, and is likely to make China the biggest oil and gas producer in the Amazon.

3. Oil giants circle Uganda
Drilling for oil has been a low-key affair in Uganda so far, but the government is set to grant licences to companies to extract an estimated 3.5 billion of oil. Commercial production is set to start in 2018 and last for 30 years.

4. UK set for largest solar farm
Britain’s biggest solar farm – large enough to power 11,000 homes – is to be built on the south coast after councillors approved the plans, reports the Daily Mail. The plant would cover 200 acres and power 11,000 homes.

5. Food waste to power New York
New York City authorities are planning to build the USA’s first ‘biogas to local natural gas plan’, which they say will provide energy to heat 5,200 homes. “Converting food waste to biogas allows us to use a local, urban energy source we’d otherwise throw away and helps reduce the need for fossil fuels,” said Andy Darrell, Environmental Defense Fund’s New York regional director. “This could be a model for locally produced energy in other cities.”


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