Canada outlines plans to claim north pole

Today’s top five climate change stories chosen by RTCC
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1 – Canada expands seabed claims
Foreign Minister John Baird says he’s asked scientists to prepare a submission that will be sent to the UN, detailing how the “outer limits of the country’s continental shelf include the pole”, reports the Guardian. The resource rich Arctic is home to 30% of the world’s undiscovered oil and gas, according to the US Geological survey.

2 – China anger deadly smogs
Frustration is growing in the country’s major cities at the dense and choking smogs that regularly descend. Large parts of the eastern seaboard have been covered with filthy air, according to Reuters, although some commentators have tried to make light of it, “as it could hinder the use of guided missiles.”

3 – Blackrock buys stake in Texas wind
The world’s largest money manager has bought a majority stake in a 68MW wind farm to be run by OwnEnergy Inc, reports Bloomberg. Construction is set to start shortly. The farm should be online by late 2014 according to a statement.

 4 – UK proposes biofuels for EU targets
The UK government is keen to see biofuels ‘counted twice’ in EU 2020 climate targets, according to It reports the UK wants to use an accounting method that would “include biofuels towards an overall renewable energy target as well as a sub-target for reducing the emissions of transport fuel.” The UK is currently lagging behind on its 2020 renewable energy goals.

5 – Green buses ‘can be dirtier’ (£)
Hybrid buses that combine diesel with an electric motor can create more pollution than conventional vehicles, The Times reports. It says they “produce less greenhouse gas but may emit more particulates.” The report is based on a study produced by consultancy Ricardo.

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