Australia should cut emissions “25% by 2020”

A summary of today’s top climate and clean energy stories.
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Australia: New report by Ecofys says country has already eaten through at least two-thirds of its share of a “carbon budget” that would keep global warming below 2C, requiring it to drastically escalate its emissions reduction target. (Guardian)

UK: Lawmakers in Parliament’s upper chamber propose adding a carbon target for power generation to energy legislation after an attempt in the lower house failed. (Bloomberg)

UK: Climatologists have calculated that the world’s climate budget of one trillion tonnes of carbon dioxide will be extinguished by 2040. (Wired)

Ethiopia: Africa’s biggest wind farm began production in Ethiopia on Saturday, aiding efforts to diversify electricity generation from hydropower plants and help the country become a major regional exporter of energy. (Reuters)

Poland: New report suggests could halve its demand for coal by 2030 with a shift to renewable energies that would end its image as a laggard in European Union efforts to slow climate change, a study showed on Friday. (Business Spectator)

Solar power: analysts at Deutsche Bank now suggesting that some module manufacturers expect the global market to rise as high as 50GW in 2014. (Clean Technica)

USA: Coca-Cola will deploy more than 30 alternative fuel vehicles in select cities across the U.S. by the end of 2013. (Coca Cola)

Antarctic: The ozone hole that forms each year in the stratosphere over Antarctica was slightly smaller in 2013 than average in recent decades, according to NASA satellite data. (NASA)

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