UK Prime Minister to review support for clean energy

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Source: The Prime Minister's Office

Source: The Prime Minister’s Office

UK: David Cameron has put the government’s green energy subsidies under review, setting the coalition parties on a collision course as the prime minister scrambles to find ways of cutting energy bills in the face of Labour’s promised price freeze. (Financial Times)
Asia: Climate change will lead to more flooding and drought in East Asia and could chop 5.3 percent off annual gross domestic product by the year 2100 if measures aren’t adopted to tackle it, according to the Asian Development Bank. (Bloomberg Business Week)
USA: General Motors said Wednesday it will launch a car next year with the ability to operate on both gasoline and compressed natural gas, taking advantage of abundant US gas supplies. (
Australia: A former chairman of the Australian Coal Association, who has accused the fossil fuel industry of “stuffing up” effective action on climate change, is fighting an insurgent battle to gain a seat on the board of the mining giant BHP Billiton. (Guardian)
Caribbean: Caribbean Community countries have expressed concerns over the widening gap between rich and poor countries and warn that they may continue to lag behind in pursuit of the Millennium Development Goals. (Guardian Media)
UK: The UK will be at increased risk of blackouts over the next two years unless electricity generators are given new financial incentives, according to the Royal Academy of Engineering. (Guardian)
UN: The European Union has said that climate proposals to be adopted in a legally binding deal in 2015 must be set out by UN Parties by the end of next year. (RTCC)
US: Environmental group leaders on Wednesday urged Texas regulators to ensure that financially strapped Energy Future Holdings can cover the cost of cleaning up its coal mine operations in the state in the future. (Reuters)

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