UN launches 2013 climate change photo contest

The UNFCCC is inviting photographers and filmmakers to submit work showing how the Clean Development Mechanism is changing lives

Last year’s first prize by Dinesh Malte, showing a wind farm CDM project (pic: UN)


The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is inviting photographers to submit work highlighting how the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is changing lives.

Photographers, both amateur and professional, are invited to submit striking images illustrating how CDM projects are bringing about benefits in health, sanitation, infrastructure development, rural electrification or another area.

Entries will be judged by a series of experts drawn from the fields of industry, civil society and the arts. They will be judged according to creativity, composition, artistic merit and the persuasiveness of the story they tell.

Film makers are also invited to send in a video of themselves completing either the phrase “People should know about this CDM project because” or “People should know about the CDM because” in 30 seconds or less.

The competition’s sponsors have generously offered a $2000 prize for the winners of the photo and the video contest.

The CDM can prove a complex subject, and judges are looking for videos that concisely explain the benefits of a registered CDM project, or that talk clearly about how the CDM is contributing to the international response to climate change and sustainable development.

Winning photographers will have their work displayed in a special booth at the UNFCCC Climate Change Conference in Warsaw in November 2013, while shortlisted material could feature in print and promotional website, including on the UNFCCC website and social media.

The deadline for entries is 30 September at midnight. Winners will be notified by email before 1 November 2013. Visit the UNFCCC website for further details.

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