Great Rift Valley summit set to unlock clean energy investment

Experts estimate Great Rift Valley could generate 15,000MW from geothermal sources alone

The geothermal boom is hoped to lift millions out of poverty within the next decade. (Source: GDC)


The rise in geothermal energy in Africa’s Great Rift Valley will be discussed by government ministers and business leaders at a conference to address the energy crisis in the region.

Supported by Ethiopia’s Ministry of Energy and Water, the second Great Rift Valley Energy Summit in Addis-Ababa will take place between October 23-24.

One of its aims is to unlock the geothermal and renewable energy potential in the region, which is abundant with natural resources but has suffered from years of under-investment.

According to research presented to the United Nations University in 2010, Eastern Africa has the potential to produce 15,000MW of geothermal electricity.

However, only 214MW is currently generated in Kenya (209MW) and Ethiopia (5MW).

Ethiopia’s Minister of Energy and Water Alemayehu Tegenu hopes the two-day meeting can unlock new finances and encourage investors to treat the region’s potential more seriously, promising “extensive participation” from the country’s Ministry as well as the attendance of Ministers from neighbouring countries.

Run by RTCC’s parent company Entico, the event is the latest in a series of summits drawing together governments and investors in the region.

“This conference will bring together the leading decision-makers from 14 African countries who are committed to investing in their energy systems,” said event organiser Andy Dowell.

“We have been asked to find serious investors and policymakers for what could prove a hugely important two days for the whole region, as it seeks to develop its energy capacity in a clean and cost-effective manner.”

For more information on the Great Rift Valley Energy Summit visit the official website or call +44 (0)20 7340 2860

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