Mexico President Pena Nieto poised to unveil energy plan

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(Pic: Flickr/Angélica Rivera de Peña)

Mexico: President Enrique Pena Nieto is set to present his energy plan to Congress this week. Mexico is the world’s 10th biggest producer of crude oil, according to OPEC data. (Planet Ark)

USA: Technology to capture greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fired power plants may be more ready for wide deployment than industry officials and political leaders in coal states would have the public believe. (Gazette)

UK: Fast charging units for electric cars are becoming a more common site at service stations in the country as a result of investment from Nissan and Ecotricity (Business Green)

UK:  The energy minister Michael Fallon has warned privately that fracking might soon face fierce resistance from the middle classes in Conservative heartlands in southern England. (Guardian)

UK: In response to rising anger and media coverage over fracking, the Department of Energy and Climate Change has published a guidance note (DECC) dealing with safety and the environment.

UK: Met Office figures show that, with a mean temperature of 17 °C, July 2013 was the third warmest in the national record going back to 1910, behind 2006 (17.8 °C) and 1983 (17.3 °C). (Met Office)

Egypt: A solar-powered steriliser could provide remote areas in the developing world with a portable, off-grid solution for sanitising medical instruments and equipment. (All Africa)

Sweden: Volvo, Sweden’s largest car manufacturer, is planning to unveil a foldable solar charging station that can be broken down and stored in the truck of a car. (Forbes)

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