Obama questions Keystone XL pipeline job projections

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Obama says “there is no evidence” to the Republican argument that Keystone “would be a big jobs generator”


USA:  U.S. President Barack Obama called into question the number of jobs that would be created from the controversial Keystone XL pipeline in an interview with the New York Times released on Saturday. (Huffington Post)

UK: Extreme weather being driven by climate change is the biggest threat to British farming and its ability to feed the nation’s growing population, according to Peter Kendall, president of the National Farmers’ Union. (Guardian)

UK: A trial of the largest battery in Europe, which proponents hope will transform the UK electricity grid and boost renewable energy is due to start in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire. (Guardian)

Australia: Solar and wind energy could replace all fossil fuels in Australia by 2040 if their recent rate of deployment is maintained and slightly increased over the next 27 years – delivering the country with a 100% renewable electricity grid “by default” as early as 2040. (Clean Technica)

China: The Chinese government will spend more than 3 trillion yuan (489.3 billion U.S. dollars) to enhance air and water pollution prevention and treatment, environmental officials told an environmental protection industry forum on Sunday. (Xinhua)

China + EU: The European Union and China have come to terms with regard to their recent trade dispute over solar panels — Chinese solar panel imports to the EU will now be subject to a minimum price limit somewhere around spot market prices. (Clean Technica)

USA: One of the first large-scale experiments to test the feasibility of safely storing carbon dioxide in underground rocks is now under way in southeastern Washington state. (Clean Technica)

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