Warnings over China HFC ‘climate bomb’

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China: A “climate bomb” of potent greenhouse gases 15,000 times more damaging to the climate than carbon dioxide is set to be released by some of the world’s leading producers of refrigerants following a ban on climate credits. (Financial Times)

Greenhouse gases are 15,000 times more damaging to the climate than carbon dioxide, say experts. (Source: CECAR)

US: President Barack Obama will unveil the USA’s new national climate change strategy in a speech at Georgetown University on Tuesday. Obama said the plan would reduce pollution, prepare the country for future climate impacts and place it at the front of international efforts to tackle the issue. (RTCC)

Europe: The European Union’s trade chief expressed confidence Friday that Brussels and Beijing can reach a speedy agreement in a bitter dispute over Chinese solar panels that sparked fears of a debilitating trade war. (Bangkok Post)

India: US attempts to encourage India to shift its position on climate change are unlikely to succeed unless it can offer a major contribution of finance or technology, say analysts. (RTCC)

Europe: With Europe’s hard-fought over Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) coming into force next year, advocates are pushing for the EU to come forward with a target for 2030, and adopt proposals to dramatically cut energy use in Europe’s building stock by 2050. (EurActiv)

India: The death toll in flood-ravaged Uttarakhand may cross the reported 1,000 mark after the debris is cleared, Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde said today. (Economic Times)



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