UK climate experts meet to discuss ‘unusual weather’

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UK: Climate scientists will host a workshop in the UK today to discuss recent ‘unusual’ weather patterns. The meeting will assess the colder than normal spring and last year’s very wet weather to determine if climate change has played a role. (Met Office)

The Met Office will meet to discuss if there is a link between extreme weather and climate change (Source: Andy Stephenson)

Indonesia: The Indonesian Government is set to scale-back its fossil fuel subsidies in a move that could increase prices by as much as a third. Scrapping support for dirty fuels has been highlighted a s a key policy to reduce emissions by the IMF, G8, IEA and the World Bank. (BBC)

China: China’s top political advisor Yu Zhengsheng has stressed the need for the country’s economy to remain resource efficient and for greater efforts to ‘promote ecological progress’. Vice Premier also Zhang Gaoli claimed this was a necessity to protect the country’s on-going prosperity. (Xinhua)

USA: Planned legal action against the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for missing a deadline to draw up standards for cleaner power plants has been pulled. The group of cities, states and NGOs decided to give the administration more time to announce its climate policies. President Obama is rumoured to be close to revealing more details of his climate strategy. (Reuters)

China: China’s first carbon market will launch today amid warnings that it could face similar oversupply problems to the EU system. The EU and China have collaborated on the Shenzhen market’s design. Ahead of Tuesday’s launch analysts Thomson Reuters Point Carbon have warned that Shenzhen could also mimic some of the problems faced in the EU. (RTCC)

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