Google chief Eric Schmidt labels climate deniers “liars”

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USA: Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt says the internet is key to revealing what he calls the truth about global warming: “The thirst for information is ultimately the solution to the problems we talk about here,” he said. “You can hold back knowledge, you cannot prevent it from spreading. You can lie about the effects of climate change, but eventually you’ll be seen as a liar.” (The Verge)

Schmidt says there is a “fact problem” surrounding climate change which the internet may help to solve (Pic: @jibees)

Mexico: President Enrique Peña Nieto this week presented a National Climate Change Strategy aimed at developing “green growth” in the country. He said that the plan was based on eight axes of action, as well as the basic goals of increasing research, promotion of environmental issues and international cooperation. (OOSKAnews)

EU: Toyota Europe has said it could walk away from the electric car market unless it is confident that electricity supplies will be decarbonised in the future. (RTCC)

UN: CDM Executive Board chair Peer Stiansen says the world’s main system of carbon trading needs urgent support from governments if it is to continue functioning effectively (RTCC)

Polar Ice: New research by a group of international scientists has found ice sheet loss in Antarctica is likely to be less extreme than previously thought. The study published in the journal Nature – confirms that Antarctica and Greenland are both losing ice and contributing to rising sea levels. (ABC)

UK: Formula One team McLaren has announced it is using its engineering expertise to improve the efficiency of date centres – aerodynamics techniques can be used to improve cooling within facilities (BusinessGreen)

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