Russia continues to block UN climate talks

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UNFCCC: The stalemate over the agenda at the UN climate talks continues after no resolution was found to an objection raised by Russia, Belarus and Ukraine on the first day of the talks. (IISD)

The agenda debate has overshadowed the talks so far (Source: flickr/UNFCCC)

UK: Renewable energy developer RES is to provide households in the UK that are located near its windfarms £100 a year in compensation through their electricity bills. (Greenwise Business)

Germany: Industrial giant Siemens has called on the German government to rein in its renewables growth and focus on high efficiency gas powered electricity production instead. (reNews)

USA: The health effects of increased numbers of wildfires are being seen in the USA, according to public officials. The area of forest burned in the north west of the US is expected to triple by 2080. (The Huffington Post)

UK: The EU’s solar panel tariffs on Chinese products could cause it to miss its own renewable energy targets according to UK climate minister Greg Barker. (The Daily Telegraph)

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