World leaders put sustainability top of development agenda

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Post 2015 development: The UN’s High Level Panel on development, chaired by the heads of state of Indonesia, UK and Liberia, has submitted its report to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

It recommended that sustainability be at the heart of the next set of global development goals. Ban stressed that this was not just an environmental term. “Sustainability is not just an environmental matter, but an approach that would integrate the economic, social and environmental dimensions of development,” Ban’s spokesperson said.

In April, Saudi Arabia led calls for climate change to be excluded from the new development package. The report does however propose setting targets on renewables and energy efficiency. (Times of India)

UK Prime Minister David Cameron co-chairs the high-level panel on post-2015 development (Source: Flickr/WEF)

USA: New Jersey has approved a $446m solar energy investment programme. The first $200m of the funds will be issued as loans to residents and businesses to install solar panels. The rest will be used to build utility-scale solar projects. (

Africa: Google has made its first renewable energy investment in Africa. The tech giant is putting $12m of its own money into a $260m solar project in South Africa. (EcoBusiness)

Turkey: Turkey is to establish a pilot carbon market. The country will receive $3m in funding from the World Bank’s Partnership for Market Readiness, which connects those looking to establish cap and trade systems with the expertise of those that have already done so. (Thomson Reuters Point Carbon)


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