UNEP: China’s green growth vital for entire planet

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China: UNEP has praised China’s efforts to transition to a green economy calling the success of its policies vital for the entire planet. “With often double digit growth, the future of the planet is in a significant way linked to the sustainable development ambitions of China now and in the future,” said UNEP chief Achim Steiner at an event in Nairobi. (Xinhua)

Achim Steiner, executive director of UNEP, said China’s clean development was important globally (Source: UN/Ryan Brown)

UK: The British Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change has warned that the UK risks being dragged into “saloon bar” climate politics if MPs in the country’s Conservative Party, the senior government coalition partner, allow themselves to dragged to the right by the fringe UK Independence Party (UKIP). “Public support is chipped away if the populist politicians refuse to engage with the evidence of the science and just ignore it,” said Ed Davey, a Liberal Democrat. (The Independent)

Africa: The World Bank has defended its recent support of large hydropower plants in Africa following criticism by NGOs. The bank announced it would end a hiatus on investing in large hydropower earlier this month and said in a letter to the NGO International Rivers that it was now an important component of Africa’s development. The continent is aiming to increase its electricity supply by 7% a year.

Oman: Operators in Oman are to use solar power to help get more oil out of their wells. Natural gas is usually used to heat the rocks to smooth the oil’s passage. The country’s state oil company will use mirrors to focus heat onto a black pipe filled with water to perform the same role. (New York Times)


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