China leading global climate action – report

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China: A new report by the Australian Climate Commission has found that China is emerging as the global leader on climate action. The study praises work to establish carbon trading, renewable energy expansion in the country and the government’s efforts to put the brakes on growing electricity demand and greenhouse gas emissions.

With increasing momentum to act on climate change in the US as well, the report claims action from the world’s two largest economies could stimulate efforts around the globe. (Climate Commission)

The growth of emissions is slowing in China but the total continues to rise as the country develops (Source: Flickr/theseoduke)

UNFCCC: The UN climate change negotiations kick off the 2013 round of talks with a workshop on the proposed 2015 universal deal to cut emissions. The meeting is the first opportunity for negotiators to meet since the 2012 summit in Doha. (RTCC)

India: Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar has revealed the country expects production of key crops such as rice and wheat to fall as much as 18% by 2020. The Minister said current yields were sufficient to meet the country’s domestic demand. (Economic Times)

EU: The European Commission is investigating illegal trade subsidies on Chinese solar panel glass. The country spends an estimated €21bn annually on subsidies to reduce the cost of solar panels and components that end up in the European market. EU companies say this makes its products uncompetitive. (Reuters)

Arts: Publishers have identified a new literary genre inspired by climate change. The growing number of books based on climate altered visions of the future has led to the emergence of the new catch-all term, cli-fi. (Christian Science Monitor)


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