Imports send UK CO2 emissions up 10% since 1993

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UK: The UK’s emissions have risen 10% since 1993 according to figures by government’s official climate advisors, the Committee on Climate Change (CCC). The figures include imported emissions associated with goods manufactured overseas. The CCC says the UK has become one of the largest net importers of emissions worldwide. (CCC)

Imported goods also mean imported emissions (Source: Steve Gibson)

Australia: Greenpeace activists have boarded a ship carrying Australian coal exports to South Korea. The group is opposed to the expansion of the coal industry. Australia’s exports have doubled in volume in the past ten years. (Reuters)

USA: There are now more people employed in the solar energy industry in the US than there are coal miners, according to the latest figures released by the Solar Foundation. They say there are 119,000 people working in the solar sector. The US Energy Information Administration estimates there are 91,000 employed at US coal mines. (Tree Hugger)

EU: The EU environment committee will vote today on new draft legislation to enforce strict CO2 limits on passenger cars. If eventually passed, a maximum of 95g of CO2 per km of travel would be permitted from 2020. The plans have the reluctant backing of car manufacturers. (Environment Committee)

UNFCCC: Work will begin next week on the new international climate change treaty as nations meet in Bonn for the first talks of the year. “The discussions…are crucial to preparing the upcoming 2015 agreement and to raising ambition, using the implementation of current agreements under the UNFCCC as a basis,” said UNFCCC Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres. (RTCC)

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