EU carbon trading reform could face second ballot in June

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EU: A plan to “backload” or withhold 900 million carbon allowances to see-saw their falling price, rejected by the European Parliament in a plenary session last week, could return for a ‘second-round’ vote before June. (Euractiv)

The European Parliament rejected proposed backloading reforms to the ETS on 16 April (Pic: EU)

Global: Annual investment in renewable energy technologies, such as wind turbines and solar panels, is likely to jump by 230 per cent by 2030 (BusinessGreen)

UK: Unilever Chief Executive Officer Paul Polman says the company has made ‘good progress’ towards meeting its sustainability goals, but warns that greater action from governments is needed to achieve real environmental gains (RTCC)

UK: Scientists have found a way to grow diesel molecules from the E.coli bacteria, commonly known as a bug that can cause food poisoning. (RTCC)

Bangladesh: Climate adaptation planning is likely to become a priority for Bangladesh’s leaders as the hopes of keeping global temperatures within safe limits decrease. (RTCC)

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