Ban Ki Moon praise for Thatcher climate leadership

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UN: Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has paid tribute to Margaret Thatcher’s commitment to combating climate change.

On 8 November 1989, Ms. Thatcher addressed the UN General Assembly for the last time in her official capacity as prime minister. She focused her speech on the global environment and the need to preserve air, water and land.

“We know more clearly than ever before that we carry common burdens, face common problems, and must respond with common action,” Ms. Thatcher had said. “It is life itself – human life, the innumerable species of our planet – that we wantonly destroy. It is life itself that we must battle to preserve.” (UN News)

Margaret Thatcher addresses the 44th session of the General Assembly in 1989 (Pic: UN Photos)

UK: Turbulence on transatlantic flights will become more frequent and severe by 2050 as carbon dioxide emissions rise, leading to longer journey times and increased fuel consumption, British scientists said in a study on Monday. (Reuters)

Canada: The Alberta government is awaiting industry feedback on a controversial proposal to increase the provincial carbon tax to $40 from $15, Energy Minister Ken Hughes said Monday. (Edmonton Journal)

California: California Governor Jerry Brown approved a proposal to link the state’s carbon cap-and-trade system with a program in Quebec, a step that would allow companies to trade carbon permits across borders. (Bloomberg)

Africa: Eight steps to climate-proof development in Africa: Climate change must be integrated into the post-2015 agenda, as ignoring it may condemn many Africans to a life of poverty (Guardian)

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